New Cisco Validated Design, “SharePoint 2010 for FlexPod on VMware”

Cisco has just published a brand new Cisco Validated Design, titled, SharePoint 2010 for FlexPod on VMware

NetApp worked closely with Cisco and VMware on this reference architecture, which shows an end-to-end solution design with Cisco, VMware, Microsoft, and NetApp technologies. This FlexPod design shows Microsoft SharePoint 2010 servers virtualized with VMware vSphere 5 to support 100,000 users with 10 percent concurrency, provide high availability and server redundancy.  FlexPod is a predesigned, base configuration that is built on Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS), Cisco Nexus data center switches, NetApp FAS storage components, and in this case, we have validated an enterprise deployment of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 virtualized with VMware’s virtualization platform.  SharePoint Server 2010 is growing like wildfire across enterprises, and this is a great example of how FlexPod can be utilized to virtualize, manage, scale and store data for business critical application workloads such as SharePoint.