New Data Storage Calculator

The NDO Savings Calculator will show you how much you could save with NetApp clustered Data ONTAP to achieve nondisruptive operations by measuring the benefits of eliminating storage downtime, planned and unplanned.

You only need to answer 6 simple questions that require inputting number of people, a percentage, number of systems and applications.  After the questions are answered an estimated savings from reduced OpEx (e.g. savings from eliminating the need to plan downtime and the activities performed before and after downtime), reduced CapEx (e.g. savings from not buying additional hardware due to consolidation of siloed workloads or reduction in overprovisioning)  and reduced risk (e.g. savings from eliminating deferred maintenance activities such as deferred hardware/software upgrades, thus reducing the risk of an unplanned outage) is generated, as well as a breakdown of the savings by use cases.  

If you choose, an email report will be sent to you with the estimated savings and an explanation of how the results were derived, as well as additional links to learn more.

This tool is available on on the Data ONTAP pages and the FAS/V-Series pages.  It is available and translated into the local language for all of NetApp’s foreign language sites.          

The web address for the English version is

Mike McNamara