New Design and Deployment Guides for OpenStack on FlexPod

By Dave Cain, NetApp


Cisco, NetApp and Red Hat have collaborated to release new validated design and deployment guides for the Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack platform on FlexPod.


FlexPod is a pre-validated infrastructure that brings together compute, storage, network and software components to simplify and accelerate data center builds and application rollouts. In addition, the Co-operative Support Program extended by Cisco, NetApp and Red Hat provides direct access to technical experts who work across vendor organizations to provide enterprise-class support.


In this design, OpenStack Block Storage (Cinder) is provided by a highly available, scale-out NetApp FAS system, and the OpenStack Object Storage Service (Swift) is powered by an enterprise-class E-Series storage system. Note: These guides are intended for IT professionals and system integrators who are building out enterprise private clouds or IaaS public cloud services.


    • Design Guide - includes design elements integral to the overall solution and covers why specific technologies were chosen in the architectural design
    • Deployment Guide - a step-by-step, detailed implementation guide that provides all of steps for implementing the solution

For an overview, check out this video of my presentation with Eric Railine at the OpenStack Summit in Vancouver in May 2015.