New Drives Deliver Increased Density, More Flexibility

By Philip Trautman, NetApp Technical Consultant


In recent months, NetApp has been aggressively releasing the latest drive technologies to give you more options for both capacity and performance.

4TB HDD for Secondary Storage Applications

Back in December, we released a new 7.2K RPM 4TB disk drive for use in the 4U, 48-drive DS4486 high-capacity disk shelf. NetApp was the first major storage vendor to ship disks at this capacity.


The combination of 4TB drives and the DS4486 provides a level of capacity and density that makes it ideal for nearline, archive and backup applications. It increases the maximum capacity of all FAS3200 and FAS6200 configurations that use it by 33%. That raises the raw capacity supported by a full 24-node FAS6250 or FAS6290 cluster to an eye-popping 69 petabytes.


FAS3200 and FAS6200 HA Pairs support up to 2.8 petabytes and 5.7 petabytes, respectively.


4TB HDD for Production Workloads

This week we released a new 4TB drive for use in our 4U, 24-drive DS4246 disk shelf to address high-capacity storage needs for production workloads.  The DS4246 with 4TB drives will be supported across the entire FAS and V-Series product line.


Support for FAS2200 series expansion will come with Data ONTAP 8.2, raising the maximum raw capacity of the FAS2220 by more than 25% to 228TB and the FAS2240-4 to 552TB (27% increase).


The 4TB drive in the DS4246 is also supported in shelf-to-shelf Flash Pool configurations now and will be offered in mixed-shelf configurations in Data ONTAP 8.2. Flash Pool uses a relatively small amount of SSD storage to accelerate the performance of HDDs, allowing you to deliver more IOPS with lower latency from high-capacity drives.


Note that 4TB drives will NOT be supported in base FAS2220 and FAS2240 systems until later this year. When that happens, the 2220 and FAS2240-4 will get a further 5% bump in maximum capacity.


800GB SSD for Ultra-High Performance and Capacity

Also this week, we’ve released a new 800GB SSD drive for our 2U, 24-drive DS2246 disk shelf. The 800GB SSD provides a high-capacity alternative to our existing 200GB SSD. This 4X increase in SSD capacity allows you to build SSD aggregates with much higher density.


The 800GB SSD will be available in full-shelf configurations for use in pure SSD aggregates or Flash Pool configurations. A full shelf delivers 19TB of raw capacity with screaming performance for demanding applications like OLTP, High-performance computing (HPC), and VDI.


Flash Pool Support

Since Flash Pool was introduced last year, we've seen a significant uptick in SSD purchases, so we know it’s catching on quickly.


Both the 800GB SSD and the new 4TB HDD are supported in shelf-to-shelf Flash Pools to accelerate HDD performance and reduce overall latency. Shelf-to-shelf configurations combine SSDs from one shelf with HDDs in other shelves into a single aggregate in which the SSDs cache random read and write traffic to accelerate transaction-oriented workloads.


Both new drives will be supported in mixed-shelf configurations in the future. These combine SSDs and HDDs in a single shelf, making them well suited for smaller storage configurations. Currently supported mixed-shelf configurations include:

Keep your eyes on this space for the latest news on disk technology. It promises to be a very active year.


To find out more about NetApp shelves and media, go to the NetApp Disk Shelves and Storage Media page. You can also join or start a conversation on the NetApp Storage System Community page or contact NetApp Sales.