New FAS2220 ESRP Published

FAS2220 is the newest member of NetApp’s FAS2200 entry-level product family. Leveraging the NetApp Unified Storage Architecture and industry-leading storage efficiency features, the FAS2220 provides midsize businesses or departments/remote offices of distributed enterprises with three to seven times the performance of the FAS2020 system, which it replaced. The FAS2220 can be used as primary or secondary storage.


The FAS2220 1000-Mailbox Exchange 2010 Mailbox Resiliency Storage Solution has recently been published on Microsoft website at: (scroll down to the NetApp section).


Below are some of the highlights of this newly published ESRP solution:

  • An entry level solution targeted for our channel partners
  • First NetApp ESRP solution for Exchange 2010 utilizing SAS drives
  • Running Data ONTAP 8.1.1 7-mode
  • No Flash Cache
  • Small footprint (only 7 hard drives per database copy)


It provides customers with a cost-effective and high performance Exchange storage solution. I would love to hear feedback from our field and channel partners whether this solution is helpful to them or their customers.


Thanks for reading.


F Y I -- ESRP stands for: "Exchange Solution Reviewed Program". It's a Microsoft program designed to facilitate third party storage testing and solution publishing for Exchange Server.

lwei Netapp Alumni

Thanks John. You are quite right.   -Wei


Hello Iwei, Do you know when NetApp will publish an ESRP using a FAS3270A or FAS6240A?


NetApp - Enjoy it!

lwei Netapp Alumni

Hello Rodrigo, I don't have a time; but an ESRP using a FAS3000 or FAS6000 is certainly possible.   -Wei



It will be very valuable.

I'm very curious to know how many mailboxes of 1 or 2 GB can be handle by a FAS6240A. ;-)


NetApp - Enjoy it!

lwei Netapp Alumni

Thanks for your feedback. Stay tuned.   -Wei

kadyd Netapp Alumni

Hi Wei,

We have a great Exchange 2010 opportunity with 100k mailboxes, but have no proof that NetApp 6240 can handle that. While our competitors have ESRP with more than 100k mailboxes. This why I need to use CPOC and spend a lot of time to proof a customer. We must have even one 100k+ ESRP!

lwei Netapp Alumni

Hi kadyd, thanks for your comments. Please, let's take this offline. Thanks,   -Wei


We have currently one FAS2040 system with SATA disks, the servers are mostly connected to it with 4GB FC (block device usage) with the exception of some small-scale iSCSI utilization. The system hosts mostly home directories, image archives and the like; not that much actively changing data. Do you think we'd be taking a step backwards performance -wise if we'd purchase a FC-less FAS2220 unit to complement our storage capacity, or is the network bandwidth typically not that much of an issue with these systems? Our Ethernet infrastructure is 1GB, upgrading to 10GB is not likely in the short term.  Also, if we'd find out that budgetary situation allows us to go for a FAS2240, is a FC option worthwhile consideration or would we only notice it's benefits if we'd be using faster SAS/SSD disks?

lwei Netapp Alumni

Hi Ikes,

It depends on your bandwidth requirements. Currently, how many MBytes/sec going through the 4Gb FC link(s)? What's the average and peak usage? If it's below 200MB/s during peak, then FAS2220 with 1GbE iSCSI would be fine. Otherwise, I think a FAS2240 with FCP would be better. For more detailed analysis, you should probably talk to a NetApp customer support engineer.