New HealthStore for FlexPod: A better data and storage management solution for hospitals

This week at the HiMSS14 event in Orlando our partner BridgeHead is announcing a new healthcare data management solution based on the FlexPod Select architecture.


As I’ve written about before, I often get asked by non-IT folk (also known as ‘normal people’) what work I do? I usually respond by telling them I work in IT, for a great company called NetApp. We do storage systems and data management. And if that doesn’t work (it usually doesn’t), then I move on to explain that the computer systems we sell are the sort that companies rely on to store their and your most valuable information. I find the two best examples are your banking details, and perhaps even more importantly, your medical record.


Did you know that 30% of the world’s stored data is now devoted to healthcare? Largely as a result of the high growth of electronic patient data, multi-ology images, human genetics, clinical trial data, population information, increased regulation and many new technologies. Healthcare organisations need a more efficient and more integrated solution to deal with all this critical data and information. HealthStore for FlexPod can help. The solution combines the best in storage, network and healthcare-integrated software to create a pre-validated foundation for data management in hospitals. It has been developed to help hospitals manage all of the clinical and administrative data across the hospital enterprise – from mission critical applications such as Electronic Patient Record (EPR) systems through to Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS).


HealthStore integrates BridgeHead’s Healthcare Data Management (HDM) Solution with FlexPod Select, the latest addition to the FlexPod family for big data environments. The fully validated and tested solution combines NetApp E-Series storage, Cisco Unified Computing System servers and Nexus fabric switches into a single, flexible architecture. The solution also includes BridgeHead’s HDM software, meaning hospitals can place their (or should that be ‘your’) data into a central repository, which is then fully indexed for easy search, and protected in the event of corruption, accidental deletion, system outage or disaster, and is available when it’s needed most from multiple locations.


Today, more than 3,500 healthcare organisations worldwide use innovative clinical data and IT storage solutions from NetApp to share patient data across the continuum of care. 


For those who are attending HiMSS14 – please stop by our exhibition stands – NetApp (Stand 2773) or BridgeHead (Stand 3283) to find out more.

For more information about HealthStore for FlexPod, please visit


And if you’re not in IT, rest assured that very soon your medical record could be that bit better protected, and available that bit quicker if you should ever need it.