New, Innovative Version of Clustered Data ONTAP – 8.2

NetApp today announced a new version of clustered Data ONTAP, version 8.2. The new software gives organizations and cloud service providers the capability to rapidly and cost effectively deliver new services and capacity with maximum application uptime.


Industry leading capabilities in clustered Data ONTAP:


  • Nondisruptive operations with greater than five-nines reliability (99.999%), providing continuous data access during scheduled downtime and dynamic load balancing without disruptive data migrations
  • Seamless scalability with up to 69PB of storage and 24 controller nodes, 49,000 LUNs, 12,000 NAS volumes supporting over 100,000 clients and single container up to 20 PB
  • Proven storage and operational efficiency within a unified and multi-tenant architecture that meets the needs of enterprises, small, and midsized businesses


New features in 8.2 include:

  • Quality of Service (QoS): Isolate hot workload, set workload performance maximum; multi-tenant consolidation
  • Next generation backup: Volume based SnapVault for fast backups, compression and dedupe savings preserved over the network
  • Better nondisruptive operations: Controller upgrade without volume move maintaining access to data, Support for Microsoft Hyper-V over SMB 3.0 providing continuous availability
  • Ease of deployment: 1-node cluster, 2-node switchless cluster configuration, 7-Mode to Cluster Migration Services, Improved OnCommand support
  • Higher scaling: 49,152 LUNs in 8-node cluster, 12,000 volumes in 24-node cluster, Infinite Volume support for NFSv3, 4.1/pNFS and SMB 1.0 file support, 400TB aggregates, 100K NFS clients, Support for Microsoft® BranchCache v2
  • Virtualization Enhancements: Hyper-V over SMB 3.0 with continuously available shares, VMware vSphere® storage APIs for array integration (VAAI) with block (SAN) protocols


Upcoming SANbytes blog posts will drill down into each of the new features listed above.


Mike McNamara



Shouldn't the maximum number of NAS volumes per cluster be 24,000, now that the number per node has been increased to 1,000?

Hi, the max limit is 12,000 in total.  Mike

I see... The 8.2 Logical Storage Management Guide is ambiguous about that.

You might want to add this (and maybe other cluster limits - some are mentioned, though) to the Guide.

To sum up:

1,000 volumes/node (500 for <= 3240)

2,000 vol/HA pair

  500  vol/SVM (vserver)/node

yet only 12,000 vol/cluster

So a cluster with only 6 HA pairs could have 12,000 vols right?

(I'm teaching clustered ONTAP courses, so these questions are bound to come up...)