New NetApp Book on Scale-Out Storage Available Now

By Mike McNamara and Philip Trautman, NetApp

book_360.pngAs the IT landscape continues to change at a rapid pace, scale-out is becoming the best way to meet storage performance, capacity, and availability demands—both for enterprise IT deployments and the cloud.

A new book from NetApp, Scale-Out Storage: The Next Frontier in Enterprise Data Management, explores how scale-out eliminates downtime, enhances storage efficiency and data protection, and increases scalability while simplifying data management.

This short book has been written to be fast and easy to read and highlights the scale-out capabilities of clustered Data ONTAP. It includes several vignettes on real-world deployments.

This book is ideal for anyone that need to understand the benefits of scale out, NetApp FAS storage, and clustered Data ONTAP.

If you’re attending NetApp Insight in Las Vegas or Berlin, copies will also be available there.



In Amazon it says the book is not yet available.

If it doesn't discuss Ceph, Swift, and soluitions likew Solidfire it is worthless.

Where is the PDF copy available from? The link appears to be missing.  Couldn't find it on fieldportal.

Philip_Trautman Netapp Alumni

 It appears that the link for hard copies and PDFs was inadvertently dropped. I've requested that this be fixed, but in the interim, here's the correct link. 


Hard copies and PDF copies are available from FriesenPress.


I  checked  availability in the Amazon store and had no problems.