New Unified Platform from NetApp and AvePoint for Managing SharePoint 2010

NetApp’s SnapManager 7.0 for Microsoft SharePoint was announced last week and is now available on the NOW site for download! In this post there are more details about the new user interface and the different modules. With SMSP7 we are providing a unified platform leveraging the best of breed storage technology from NetApp and best of breed SharePoint management and governance tools from AvePoint. The new user interface is based on Microsoft Silverlight which is a big move from the previous SnapManager 6.1 for SharePoint user interface presentation technology. We believe the move to Silverlight provides a ‘snappier’ (that’s a tech-term) experience for interacting with SharePoint and the storage platform.


Once logged into SMSP7 the place where you will start is the Data Protection module, as seen in the below screenshot. As you will notice in the screenshot there is an AvePoint and NetApp module presented. This is a testament to the unified platform strategy we have with AvePoint, a single interface that provides both NetApp and AvePoint technologies within SMSP7. With the NetApp Platform Backup & Granular Restore we provide the ability to backup all core SharePoint farm components including Nintex Workflows and FAST Search using NetApp Snapshot technology. In addition to backing up the core farm components we also backup the SharePoint Web-Front End Servers global assembly cache, the ‘hive’, Web parts and site definitions. If you plan on using Externalized or Remote BLOB Storage (EBS/RBS) we also include backing up the BLOB stores.


The next important area to show is what we provide as part of the Storage Optimization module, but before we get into those details I think it is important to provide some history. In SnapManager 6.1 for SharePoint (SMSP 6.1) we provided the same core functionality that we are delivering with SMSP7 but have gone a step further. With SMSP 6.1 we had:  

  • Extender – Provided the ability to real-time extend BLOBs when upload by end-users in SharePoint.
  • Archiver – Provided the ability to schedule BLOB extending based on a set of criteria.


In SMSP7 Storage Optimization we now have:  

  • Real-time Storage Manager – Replaces the SMSP 6.1 Extender
  • Scheduled Storage Manager – Replaces SMSP 6.1 Archiver
  • Connector – New! Provides the ability to ingest content from shares into SharePoint without impacting the content database
  • Archive Manager – New! Provides true content pruning from SharePoint


Real-time and Scheduled Storage Manager both provide the ability to store content on lower-cost SMB/CIFS. In the below screenshot you can see the 4 different optional modules that you can install during the setup of SMSP7.


Microsoft Office 2007 introduced the ‘Ribbon’ interface which has continued to evolve over time with new versions of Office, Windows and even SharePoint. With SMSP7 we are introducing this very same user experience. In the screenshot below you can see how Storage Policies, Logical and Physical Devices are managed by using the new ribbon buttons.


There will be lots more information released in the comings weeks on our Microsoft Solutions page, a How-To blog series, demonstration videos and more. If you are planning on attending the Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2012 (November 12-15 in Las Vegas, NV) stop by the Booth #617 and learn about NetApp’s agile data infrastructure for SharePoint and see demos of SMSP7. 


We will also be presenting in Microsoft Partner Theatre the following sessions:     

  • Managing a SharePoint 2010 Environment with SnapManager 7.0 for SharePoint

How NetApp and SnapManager 7.0 for SharePoint can help manage ever growing SharePoint environments.

Tuesday November 13, 12:35–12:50


  • Efficient Data Tier Management with SnapManager 7.0 for SharePoint

Using Remote BLOB Storage (RBS) and Archive to efficiently utilize your storage investments.

Tuesday November 13, 4:55–5:10





Can you please clarify if users licensed for SMSP 6.1 (without archiver licenses), with active maintenance, are allowed to use the Storage Optimization features, namely "Real-time Storage Manager " and the "Scheduled Storage Manager"? These features were available on the main package without any further licensing.

The SMSP 7.0 license files are available for download from "NetApp Now" but have a notice saying that "Archive Manager, File Share Connector, Real-Time Storage Manager, and Scheduled Storage Manager are optional agents that can be purchased separately". Old users didn't purchase this separately because it was included in the main package...

As a user of a FAS2040 with Complete Bundle from the times 6.0 was the version available, how can I know what features am I licensed?

rbarker Netapp Alumni

Hi Ricardo -

SMSP 7.0 Real Time Storage Manager (#1) and SMSP 7.0 Scheduled Storage Manager (#2) cannot be licensed separately. Customers using SMSP 6.1 Extender currently will get free upgrade to (#1) provided they have active SSP of SnapManager for SharePoint Platform Backup and Recovery. Customers using SMSP 6.1 Archiver will get free upgrade to (#2) provided they have active SSP of Archiver. SnapManager for SharePoint Platform Backup and Recovery - Each quotable license includes 1 SMSP Manager and unlimited agents per controller (Not per Storage System).

I hope that helps,


Hi Rob,

This for sure looks fair, but I fail to see how are the new licenses granted. Nothing is said in the EULA and/or product documentation.

Can you clarify a little better the "cannot be licensed separately" bit?

For example, how can new SMSP customers (for example a customer getting a new FAS2240 with Complete Bundle) get "Extender/RBS" functionality, if it can't be purchased separately?



rbarker Netapp Alumni

The "cannot be licensed separately" means that when purchase a license for Storage Manager, which includes Real-time Storage Manager (RTSM) and Schedule Storage Manager (SSM) they come together, you cannot license them separely as they are licensed as one entity. In addition to RTSM and SSM there is Archive Manager; this provides true pruning of content from SharePoint databases and stored in an Archive database for retrieval as necessary; and the new Connector feature which provides the ability to display NetApp CIFS content within a Connector Content or Media Library without ingesting the content into the content database. The license files for the three additional SMSP 7.0 modules (Storage Manager[RTSM+SSM], Archive Manager, and Connector) are optional and available separately. You can purchase and download licenses for these modules from the site.