Now Available: OnCommand Insight v6.4

Storage Service Assurance for NetApp Clustered DATA ONTAP and More!


Clustered ONTAP enables infrastructure agility and scale, but like any new, exciting technology, it invariably adds complexity.  From a management perspective, as systems grow and become more agile, management is critical to improving efficiency and reducing operational costs. Products in the OnCommand storage management portfolio are designed to unlock the power of Clustered ONTAP and Insight is no exception. 


This version of Insight provides visibility, configuration, service level policy management, and performance troubleshooting for customers running Clustered ONTAP and mixed mode environments, so customers can manage systems running both from one console.  Other robust enhancements in v6.4 include:

· Ease of use improvements including better search and troubleshooting capabilities as well as an easier upgrade and back up process 

· Expanded capacity and performance management capabilities

· More device support including access gateways and NPVs and EMC Atmos

· And more!

Clustered ONTAP Environment Monitoring

Insight provides all of the same capabilities for Clustered ONTAP as it does for every other vendor storage it supports.  This includes assuring storage service availability through policy, violation and alerts.  You get robust performance management capabilities to determine impact analysis on storage services.  From a capacity perspective, it provides capacity planning, forecasting and reporting.  Plus, we’ve also added tenant-based chargeback including the virtual server. 

If you’re moving to Clustered ONTAP, Insight can baseline performance and configuration before and after the migration to assure storage service is performing as expected.  It can also inventory all of the storage assets in the environment and run a “what if” analysis of the change impact.


Ease of Use Improvements: Search, Navigation, and Summary Pages

Insight v6.4 makes it easier to find frequently used objects.  The functionality is comparable to modern search engines.  For example, if you search using an application name, it will return the host, internal volume and VMs used by that application.  It also provides easy access to configuration and performance details.

New summary pages provide an overview of the most important information you need to help you quickly troubleshoot performance issues.

Extended Capacity and Performance Management:  Volume Capacity Planning

Prior to v6.4, volume capacity data was available in the inventory, but not easy to access or create reports.  Power users had to work hard to access it.  Now, with new volume capacity data mart, it’s easy to access and create reports.  The new feature provides instant visibility to all aspects of volumes by vendor, model, tier, service level and data center.  One of the handy things you can do is view capacity related to orphaned volumes, unused volumes and protection volumes.  This enables you to:

  • Reclaim orphan space
  • Get a real-time list of orphan volume
  • Trend orphan capacity
  • Track free capacity
  • Track provisioned capacity by array        

The inventory level reports are really powerful too.  It enables you to answer these types of questions:

· How much of my capacity is going to replication?

· How much is virtualized?

· How much is thin provisioned?

· How much is FC vs. iSCSI?

To help users easily create custom reports using the Plan module, we’ve added step by step instructions and links to videos on the Insight Community forum.  We’ve also included a number of sample reports that the user can quickly use.

Multi-vendor and Device Support

One of the really cool things about Insight is its broad interoperability.  The product supports all of the NetApp storage systems including FAS, V-series, and E series, as well as Data ONTAP Edge.  And it supports all of the other major vendor storage systems including EMC, HP, IBM, and HDS. 

This version extends visibility and configuration management into access gateway / NPV. The access gateway is a way to extend your fabric to add more devices without adding more switches. Insight gives you visibility into Configuration: Firmware, Type, Associated FC ports, Connectivity and status. It provides the ability to assess the impact of link outage. The product can now understand the impact of the how many downstream ports are carried by the access gateway connection.  This is useful if you are planning changes to SAN elements connected via access gateway. Insight can tell you how many ports are allocated and how many are free in an access gateway or blade chassis.   You can also compare allocations between multiple access gateways in support of deciding where to place the next host.

Simplified Product Maintenance

In an effort to reduce your “Tool Time,” Insight v6.4 incorporates automated software and disk model upgrade and automatic backup and restoration of Cognos custom reports.

Hopefully this post shows the significant enhancements to performance and capacity management and ease of use. We’d love for you to test drive the new capabilities and let us know what you think.

Current users can upgrade by downloading from the NetApp Support site. New users can obtain a free trial by contacting their NetApp authorized reseller or NetApp account team.

You can learn more about OnCommand Insight key capabilities by watching these short videos. If you have any questions related to Insight, or any component of the OnCommand storage management product suite, please visit the OnCommand Community.

Thanks for taking the time to learn about OnCommand Insight!