OnCommand Balance: Determining the Performance Impact of Misalignment

Julian Cates is a virtual tech marketing engineer with the VMware ecosystem organization. He deals with virtualization solutions for NetApp throughout the US. Julian was kind enough to take the time to do an informal interview on misalignment in a virtualized environment and how he uses OnCommand Balance to help resolve this common problem, experienced by many storage administrators and virtualization teams.


In this short clip (1:55 min), Julian focuses on the detection of misalignment through the use of OnCommand Balance. He discusses how OnCommand Balance quickly finds the virtual machines that don’t have the correct partition offsets, and shows you which workloads are most at performance risk so you can focus your efforts and  relieve the rest of the environment.  One of the cools things about Balance is that it supports multi-vendor hypervisor and storage solutions. So, for those of you with multiple vendors in your virtualized environments, it detects misalignment on NetApp storage as well as the other products.

If you have a few minutes, please watch the video. Thank you Julian!