OnCommand System Manager 3.1 – What’s New?

By Brenda Ioris


“More capacity, more performance, more protection and a lot more flexibility” are just few of the things customers would like from their storage infrastructure. Balancing the need to efficiently manage petabytes of data without disrupting business critical operations and applications can be a tough challenge. This drives IT managers to look for better ways to maintain an efficient storage infrastructure without driving up complexity and cost.


NetApp® OnCommand® System Manager storage management software offers administrators a simple, powerful, browser-based management tool that make it easy to configure and manage individual and clustered NetApp® storage systems. In sites running 7-Mode and clustered Data ONTAP you can manage both environments from a single instance of System Manager.  


With only three people to manage their entire IT environment, PTSO, a technology services organization, was able to enhance critical services to community health centers using NetApp management and storage efficiencies. For details on how System Manager helped them achieve both time and cost savings, you might like to take a look at their customer success story.


Every release of OnCommand System Manager adds enhancements and features that customers have asked for.  System Manger 3.1RC1 (Release Candidate 1), the latest version of the product, continues to provide easy access to the powerful capabilities in clustered Data ONTAP 8.2.x. So what’s new in version 3.1?


System Manager 3.1 includes new features such as support for storage Quality of Service (QoS) and High-Availability (HA) management, support for Infinite Volume and LIF Migrate.  It also includes user interface enhancements to existing features such as array LUNs, network interfaces, and shares.


QoS in SM 3.1 allows to you to set workload performance by Volume or LUN. The simple GUI lets you create QoS Policy Groups and associate workloads. This enables consolidation of mixed workloads without affecting performance of the business-critical workloads and proactively prevents runaway workloads. You can also use it to limit preproduction apps and provide adequate performance headroom for critical apps.


In Data ONTAP 8.x, a High Availability (HA) pair of nodes or storage systems can be configured to serve data for each other if one of the two nodes stops functioning. System Manager 3.1 allows you to manage HA pairs in a cluster by manually initiating a takeover or giveback operation and simplify planned maintenance. By providing graphical representation of cluster wide and node wide HA status, System Manager can clearly highlight any issues.

For a complete list of features, enhancements, browser and OS versions supported can be found in the product release notes on the NetApp Support and Downloads Pages.


Where to find stuff:

There is no additional cost to use System Manager Storage management software. No license is required, entitlement and support comes with a purchase of NetApp FAS or V-Series hardware. 

If you’re a NetApp customer, you can download the new System Manager from the NetApp Support site. You will need your NetApp credentials to access the Download section. For customers who use older versions of System Manager, NetApp strongly recommends downloading and using the new OnCommand System Manager 3.1RC1 Learn more online at: www.netapp.com/SystemManager


If you want to post a question on the NetApp Community about the System Manager, you can do that here.




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