One Year Later: NetApp Resource Provider for Windows Azure Pack

By Russell Fishman, Director of Product Management, Converged Infrastructure Group


Learn more about NetApp Resource Provider at Microsoft Cloud and Hosting Summit, March 21–23, 2017


One year after its announcement, the NetApp® Resource Provider (NRP) for Windows Azure Pack has had several enhancements and is now in play at service providers (SPs) around the world, including two large tier 1s. If you will be at this year’s Microsoft Cloud and Hosting Summit, stop by the NetApp booth to learn more about how NRP for Windows Azure Pack can help you streamline service creation and maximize profits.


With Microsoft’s impending release of Microsoft Azure Stack, it should come as no surprise that Microsoft will be heavily focused on promoting it at the company’s upcoming Cloud and Hosting Summit in Bellevue, Washington. And with good reason: Azure Stack is a fantastic solution for hosting webscale or cloud-native workloads at the edge.


However, for the rest of your traditional enterprise workloads—the 90% of what you probably have today—the fact is that Azure Pack will continue to be the better fit. There has been a lot of talk about Azure Pack going away. Microsoft recently clarified its positioning on this, and, far from going away, Azure Pack is being actively developed and will continue to be supported until 2027. You can find out more about the Microsoft announcement here.


The net result is that Azure Pack will continue to be the right approach for the vast majority of your enterprise workloads. With NRP for Windows Azure Pack, NetApp has taken Azure Pack and packaged it in a way that helps SPs deliver enterprise-class managed private cloud at the customer edge.


NRP is the management platform for Managed EdgeCloud, our joint cloud-in-a-box solution with Cisco, which lets you manage private clouds on your customers’ premises so you can take your services all the way out to the customer edge. For a detailed overview of the solution, check out this blog.


Service Provider core infrastructure


Since we announced NRP in February 2016, we’ve made some important changes to better meet customers’ needs. If you are one of the select few attending the Microsoft Cloud and Hosting Summit next week, here are three reasons why you should stop by the NetApp booth and learn more about NRP:


  • Support for managing cloud at the edge. NRP gives you the ability to support multiple data centers from the same centralized data management platform. You can run multiple clouds and multiple platforms in any combination under one multitenant portal. It’s a single-stack, single-interface management system that dramatically reduces IT overhead and gives your customers the freedom to scale exponentially. Customers will have the option to deploy new workloads in your data center or on hardware located on their premises that you own and manage for them.
  • Application-aligned storage. This is huge for SPs. With NRP, you can offer customers a variety of storage performance levels depending on their applications’ needs. NRP’s quality of service capabilities mean you don’t have to worry about noisy neighbors overconsuming resources. Your customers will get exactly the performance for which they paid, and they can even migrate between those storage tiers nondisruptively if needed. It’s a win-win.
  • Integrated data protection. NRP gives you, the service provider, the ability to take NetApp’s enterprise data management capabilities and expose them in a way that is valuable to your end users. NetApp Snapshot® technology is a great example of this. How often can you back up your tenants’ data? Once a day? Twice a day? With NRP for Windows Azure Pack, you can take advantage of Snapshot copies to give your customers a recovery point objective of 30 minutes or less. And you can manage those backups right from a self-service portal integrated with Commvault IntelliSnap for NetApp, the industry’s leading solution for backup as a service.


If you’re not able to make it to Microsoft Cloud and Hosting Summit, you can learn more about NRP online, reach out to your NetApp account manager, or e-mail the NRP team at


Hope to see you in Bellevue, Washington.