Open, Secure Hybrid Clouds Within Reach with NetApp and Cisco InterCloud

By Phil Brotherton, Vice President, Cloud Solutions Group, NetApp


Organizations increasingly look to integrate public clouds with private cloud resources to offer agility, cost advantages and infinite scale. However, to realize this vision IT must be confident they have the necessary control to securely manage, govern and transport applications and data bi-directionally across discrete cloud resources. NetApp – and now Cisco – are committed to helping enterprises achieve the benefits of hybrid cloud with more control and far less risk than they experience today.


For NetApp, the Cisco announcement represents a shared vision of open and secure hybrid cloud. More importantly, it’s an opportunity to combine the resources of industry leaders in networking and data management to simplify secure cross-cloud interoperability so that enterprises can confidently choose from a world of clouds to innovate faster and streamline costs for their organizations.


Imagine the creativity and efficiencies in a world where enterprise IT administrators can instantly act on a requirement for extra capacity, choose from a rich global ecosystem of ONTAP and Cisco enabled cloud services, and then securely provision the infrastructure and migrate workloads and data, all while managing the service provider infrastructure with the same tools they currently use to manage their on premise environments. This future is within reach. So how will NetApp and Cisco InterCloud align to make this happen?


NetApp's vision is to create an enterprise data management solution – a cloud data fabric – with clustered Data ONTAP® operating system at its core, which spans the customers’ data storage landscape, irrespective of data type or location. The industry’s number one data mover, NetApp SnapMirror, allows efficient data movement between ONTAP clouds. An eco-system of over 350 ONTAP based external cloud services from 200+ partners ensures customers will have a range of choices when seeking to leverage off premise cloud services. Cisco’s InterCloud software complements NetApp data management capabilities by working across the network layer to enable an enterprise IT cloud broker to move virtual machines securely and quickly between premise and those external clouds while preserving Layer 2 network addressing so that VMs remain securely connected to the on-premise cloud. This means that in addition to preserving network and security policies IT teams can preserve their investments in existing management tools. Legacy tools just work as a result of extending the enterprise network. Together, we simplify secure movement of applications and data between on-premise and external service provider clouds and do so in a way that won’t require massive retraining of IT teams.


NetApp and Cisco will collaborate to test and further integrate functionality across the data and network planes to enable FlexPod and other types of Clustered ONTAP based clouds to communicate securely and easily through InterCloud.  We expect this functionality to be attractive to enterprises and to service providers seeking easier on-ramps for enterprise customers. 


The British Telecom announcement is a great example of how a service provider who uses FlexPod today can offer unique hybrid cloud services built on Cisco InterCloud and NetApp. BT’s innovative approach will enable and accelerate a natural flow of workloads between physical, virtual and cloud services – no matter where the individual components reside. The new service gives IT in large enterprises exactly what they want, the freedom and flexibility to decide how, where and by whom applications and data are managed and stored across a secure and extensive global data center foot print.


Cisco’s InterCloud announcement signals a huge step forward in bringing secure and open hybrid cloud to the enterprise. With Cisco networking expertise combined with NetApp data movement and rich ecosystem of ONTAP based cloud service endpoints, organizations seeking hybrid cloud efficiency and flexibility can expect an expanding choice of secure and open hybrid cloud options in the near future.  If you are attending Cisco Live Milan and want to hear more about how NetApp, Cisco and our partners including leading Service Providers like BT are working together on this initiative don’t miss the NetApp breakout on Wednesday January 29th at 11:30 a.m. Check here for room details.


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