Our Reality Today Is Their Future Roadmap

By Jon Jacob, Product Marketing Manager; Ling Wang, Product Marketing Manager 

When buying an all-flash system, it’s important to look at what you’re actually getting today:

  • Does it deliver the performance and low latency your applications require?
  • Is it a system that has the features to help you grow your business - today?
  • Or are you buying a roadmap, and you need to wait (and hope) for features that you demand from other purchases today?

With NetApp all-flash FAS systems, you’re getting high speed, low latency performance AND leading data management functionality that helps you tackle complicated business requirements. And since it has already been proven extensively in customer deployments, you can trust that you aren’t putting critical operations on a platform that may or may not deliver on uptime promises.

For example, one vendor in this space just recently introduced replication to help customers protect their environment. While that is a good addition, the functionality is limited and only replicates to another all-flash array (that’s a super expensive DR strategy!)

  • All-flash FAS leverages the replication capabilities in Data ONTAP that have been refined and proven over years of experience in tens of thousands of systems. And it can replicate to hybrid or all HDD systems for cost control. Plus it’s integrated with your enterprise backup applications for simplicity! 

Other all-flash arrays can only support HA pairs and have limited scaling. For instance, a vendor just introduced a configuration that scales to 250TB.

  • All-flash FAS supports 384TB of flash with an HA pair and can scale-out up to 24 systems (12x advantage) and up to nearly 5PB (20x advantage)

Another vendor can only integrate with all-flash nodes.

  • All-flash FAS can be combined in a cluster with hybrid nodes, lowering costs and saving budget by enabling replication to much less expensive HDD systems. No other vendor can seamlessly move workloads from all-flash to hybrid to all-HDD and to cloud…and back, to optimize performance over time and best manage costs.



Many vendors only offer all-flash systems for FC and iSCSI

  • All-flash FAS has leading flexibility to support NAS and SAN (NFS, SMB/CIFS, FC, FCoE, iSCSI) to consolidate more workloads – today’s and tomorrow’s – on a single platform. This also eliminates silos of storage that strands / wastes your investment in storage (especially all-flash!) and increases management complexity. 

Vendors talk about their new high availability capabilities.

  • All-flash FAS have proven enterprise reliability (> greater than 5 9s and even 6 9s) and support services, based on 20 years of deployments, with no downtime for typical software updates and hardware refreshes. 

With all-flash FAS systems, you know you’re getting high performance and low latency combined with leading data management of Data ONTAP. Plus, all-flash FAS delivers proven, leading capabilities that customers need today – that other vendors have penciled in on their roadmap and wish they had right now.

So it is no surprise that NetApp’s all-flash FAS won the honor of CRN’s “10 Coolest Flash Storage Products of 2014 (So Far).” Delivering a stunning 2M IOPS and consistent sub-millisecond latency, the all-flash configuration of the new FAS8080 EX, the fastest-performing FAS platform launched in June, is sure to impress buyers looking for extreme performance.

With an unmatched comprehensive flash portfolio, NetApp is leading the key conversations in flash storage industry. The upcoming Flash Memory Summit on August 5 - 7 features many NetApp’s speakers and panelists. Just to give you a glimpse -

  • Keynote: Making Flash Work for the Enterprise Customer, by Ty McConney, VP, All Flash Arrays, NetApp
  • Theater Presentation: Accelerating Success with NetApp All-Flash Arrays, by Rip Wilson, Senior Product Marketing Manager, NetApp
  • Case Study with Customer Reference: Leveraging the power of Flash to enable IT-as-a-Service, by Mark Welke, Senior Director, Product Marketing, NetApp
  • Various panels, seminars, and forums led by NetApp’s other flash experts.

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