Post VMworld Reflections: The Software Defined Data Center, Workflow Automation, Cloud

By Kristina Brand, OnCommand Product Marketing and Kevin Hill, OnCommand Technical Marketing Engineer & Architect


In my last post I talked about how the Software Defined Data Center is a hot topic, and it appears that this was very much the case at VMworld. NetApp’s cloud, virtualization and workflow automation experts were in overdrive at VMworld, and they were continuously answering questions about one of our hottest software products—OnCommand Workflow Automation. When searching for ways to achieve Software Defined storage and a Software Defined Data Center and enable cloud services, OnCommand Workflow Automation was at the heart of these discussions.


What did you miss if you did not attend or could or stop by the NetApp booth? You missed Jeremy Goodrum who was on stage in the mini theater, showing you OnCommand Workflow Automation in action. Demos and talks centered on:

  • Enabling your Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) using OnCommand Workflow Automation
  • Direct integration with OnCommand Workflow Automation (WFA) to VMware vCloud Operations Management and vCloud Automation Center with workflows available on the WFA community and the VMware Solution Exchange
  • Enabling cloud tenancy and clouds services using WFA


Folks who stopped by to watch OnCommand Workflow Automation in action were amazed at how powerful the software is, and how simple it is to use too. Many walked away with a clear understanding of how they can actually accomplish their objectives, such as deploying a public or private cloud or transforming their data center into a Software Defined Data Center.



To learn more about OnCommand Workflow Automation, explore the WFA community and check out the Getting Started area, and videos and templates. The community is also the place for active discussions with peer professionals and our WFA experts, so feel free to join a discussion or ask a question. Also, be sure to check out the VMware specific workflows on the community, as well as the VMware Solution Exchange.


If you had the chance to stop by our booth at VMworld, we’d love to get your feedback via comment below.