Protect, Manage, and Recover Crucial Data with NetApp Plug-in 2.0 for NetBackup 7.7

Veritas released NetBackup 7.7 last month, protecting the most demanding and critical data center environments. With Veritas NetBackup Replication Director, snapshots are orchestrated, cataloged, replicated, and recycled by NetBackup using NetApp snapshot copies, SnapMirror, and SnapVault technologies.


For customers running VMware and NetApp, they can leverage NetBackup Replication Director for VMware. This feature enables integrated end-to-end control for the management and recovery of array-based snapshots and replicated snapshots. Customers running datastores on NetApp FAS series can now leverage NetApp snapshot technology to protect their virtual environments, without going outside of the NetBackup environment or giving up standard granular recoverability.


  • Protect 300 virtual machines in 300 seconds
  • Improved recovery point objectives (RPOs) from snapshots and better recovery time objectives (RTOs) from NetBackup and granular restore capabilities
  • Unified policy management that stretches the entire data lifecycle
  • Simplified, single pane of glass for monitoring, alerting and reporting


veritas nbu plug-in.png

With the release of NetBackup 7.7 last month, it introduced support for Clustered Data ONTAP (cDOT). While the cDOT environment provides a highly-available, scale-out storage platform, it can be tricky to backup using storage-level technologies such as NDMP or NetApp Snapshot, SnapMirror, and SnapVault. Since data can live on any of the storage nodes within a cDOT cluster, NetBackup needs to work with NetApp OnCommand Unified Manager to locate and access the data it wants to protect. The NetApp Plug-in for NetBackup is the key to making that happen. NetApp has just released version 2.0 of the plug-in that allows NetBackup to pinpoint where data is at any given moment in order to orchestrate snapshots or NDMP streams. The new release includes:

  • NDMP backup and restore including support for NDMP cluster-aware backups within a cDOT environment
  • Snapshot management leveraging a snapshot catalog and Replication Director to operate transparently within a cDOT environment
  • NetApp SnapDiff integration to dramatically reduces snapshot indexing time

Check out this video for a tutorial on how it works. The NetApp Plug-in for NetBackup 2.0 is available to download from the NetApp Support website at no cost for Windows and Linux.



To learn more, listen to this joint webcast where experts from NetApp and Veritas will show you how to protect your NetApp cDOT storage platform with NetBackup.

If you’d like a demonstration, contact your Veritas or NetApp representative.  We'd love your feedback.