Realizing Operational Excellence and Business Results Through IT Transformation

Mansfield Oil & Gas Truck


By Laurence Cruz, for NetApp


As a leader in energy supply, logistics, and services in North America, Mansfield Oil delivers more than 3.5 billion gallons of petroleum products, ethanol, biodiesel, and diesel exhaust fluid to customers annually. That’s about one full tanker truckload each minute of every day, and it requires a rock-solid supply chain.


At NetApp Insight 2015, Mansfield’s Hercu Rabsatt, director of Infrastructure and Service Management, spoke about the role of technology in keeping the company competitive. In particular, Mansfield wanted to run core business applications 24/7—without planned or unplanned downtime—to power its customer service. To do so, the company embarked on a three-year journey to stabilize, build, and transform IT into a services-based organization in partnership with NetApp.



“We're creeping up onto the transform stage in the three-year roadmap,” Rabsatt explains. “Coming to that point, you’ve got to sit back and think, OK, what goes beyond transformation where you start to see the ROI, the dividends pay off for all the investment up front for the first two years. … Really, it all falls back to operational excellence.”


The changes Mansfield is making are paying off in big ways. IT has gone from fighting fires to enabling the business and bringing more value to what Mansfield does. The business has grown by over 50 percent in two years. And the company’s new agility has removed roadblocks to innovation.


Joining Rabsatt is Jesse Anderson, a network administrator with Accenture. Anderson says that going to the cloud and taking a DevOps approach at Accenture has resulted in greater automation and, notably, in people functioning at a higher level within the business.


“You’re not going to have the cable monkey at your office anymore,” Anderson says. “You’re going to have the architect at your office at that point. You’re going to have the really smart guys. They’re going to be designing the entire infrastructure and maintaining that … It's just an interesting evolution.”


Rabsatt and Anderson continued the conversation on the Tech OnTap podcast.


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