SGI Achievement of New Per Spindle and Price Performance Accompanies Announcement of New NetApp E5500 Storage System and SGI InfiniteStorage 5600

By Floyd Christofferson, Director Storage Product Marketing, SGI


The SGI InfiniteStorage 5600, based on NetApp’s new E5500 storage system, can claim leading price performance and bandwidth per spindle via the Storage Performance Council’s SPC-2 benchmark. HPC and Big Data customers of SGI will have a lower total cost of ownership by reducing the spindles, footprint, and power requirements and can turn massive amounts of data into discovery and insight.


With today’s announcement, SGI and NetApp are continuing to provide to customers the high bandwidth and density needed for today’s Big Data and HPC challenges. To learn more about the news, please read the NetApp press release.


Results with SPC “Accepted” status as of January, 2011, and March, 2013, and priced under $500,000.

NetApp E5500 based (no other NetApp technology)

*SPC-2 MBPS/Spindle as computed by NetApp = (SPC-2 MBPS / # of spindles in TSP)