Scale-Out Storage - The Next Frontier in Enterprise Data Management

Scale-Out StorageBusinesses today struggle with the increasing amount of data that they need to store, manage, and protect. Growing competitive pressures and 24-hour business cycles require that your business-critical processes and data remain accessible around the clock—making planned downtime difficult or impossible. As the IT landscape continues to change at a rapid pace, scale-out is becoming the best way to meet storage performance, capacity, and availability demands, both for enterprise IT deployments and the cloud. 

A new book titled “Scale-Out Storage: The Next Frontier in Enterprise Data Management” explores how scale-out storage can help you eliminate downtime, enhance storage efficiency and data protection, and increase scalability while simplifying management. NetApp clustered Data ONTAP, in particular, offers unique scale-out capabilities that can help you accelerate your business, increase automation, reduce the workload on your IT staff, and simplify deployment for both private and public clouds.


This book which assumes some understanding of storage technologies is ideal for anyone that needs to understand the benefits of scale out, NetApp FAS storage, and clustered Data ONTAP. Ebooks can be ordered from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Google Play, and iTunes. Hard copies are available from FriesenPress.


Mike McNamara