See how easy it is to back up non-NetApp storage with SnapProtect

Recently, we introduced a SnapProtect feature called “SnapProtect for Open Systems”, aka “SPOS”.  It’s available in SnapProtect v10 SP4.  SPOS supports backups from direct attached and non-NetApp storage to NetApp Data ONTAP 7-Mode targets with file catalog, granular recovery and path-to-tape for Windows, Linux and Solaris file systems.  And it’s “application aware” of Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle applications.

Many mostly-NetApp shops have some files on their hosts or directly attached to their hosts and before now, they needed to use another backup product to protect them.  With SPOS, they can use SnapProtect for more than just NetApp storage.

This functionality requires a SnapProtect controller license on the destination (7-Mode Data ONTAP system) for SPOS backups.   That is, a SnapProtect controller license is required on the NetApp Data ONTAP 7-Mode controller, where the data firsts lands (as a result of the SPOS backup) from the non-NetApp source.  Clustered environments (operating system and/or applications) are not supported.


This short, 5 minute video demonstrates how to back up and restore files on a Linux server.  We’ll soon post a video showing the same thing on a Windows server. 


Does it work on an Exchange virtualized environment (VMware)? I can´t find how verify it in the IMT.

Will it work with Clustered Data ONTAP?