Setting Up Your New FAS2200 for Clustered ONTAP Fast And Easy With System Setup.

Kristina Brand, OnCommand Product Marketing


We’re pleased to announce System Setup 2.0 for fast and easy setup of the FAS2220 and FAS2240 systems, in your clustered Data ONTAP environment. You don’t need to be a storage expert to set up your new FAS2200 system. The tool walks you through the entire process in just a few screens, to simplify IT storage setup.


If you’re setting up and configuring your FAS2200 in 7-mode, it’s just three easy steps. First, System Setup does a discovery of your storage systems and IP addresses. Then, you setup your networking information, such as storage system names, passwords, data addresses and domain name server. After that, you can either let System Setup automatically arrange disks into the largest possible recommended configuration, or you can choose to configure manually.  You then setup your protocols (NFS, CIFS, NFS and iSCSI) and you’re done. Tests have shown that storage system setup is actually three times (3x) faster – even if you’re an IT generalist.


The process is just as easy if your setting up and configuring your FAS2200 in clustered ONTAP, and it’s just five steps. Again, a discovery is performed, and then you configure your management network. The next step is storage pool configuration. You then create a Vserver and setup your data network. The final step is to select your protocols – and that’s it.


System Setup takes any guesswork out of the setup process, provides you with default settings for IT storage o: it_storage_optimization, storage_system_setup, it_storage_setup, it_storage_performance, fas2200, clustered_data_ONTAPptimization, and the best utilization and performance of your new FAS2200 system. It supports Microsoft® Windows® Server 2008, Microsoft Windows 7, and Microsoft Windows XP (see the NetApp Support site for full details).


If you want to learn more about System Setup, go to the NetApp Support site (you will need your NetApp credentials). And if you’re ready to get started with your new FAS2200, download System Setup today.