Setting a new standard: The new FAS2200 Series, Flash, and Data ONTAP 8.1.1

By Matt Miller, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Entry FAS Systems, NetApp.


When we released our new FAS2220 system in June, we really raised the bar for entry class storage systems, bringing new features and capabilities to the midsize business segment. First, let me offer the highlights. The FAS2220 now complements the recently released FAS2240 as part of our fully refreshed entry product line, more competitive than ever.  The new FAS2200 Series offers significant performance improvements and scalability compared to the prior models, and also includes several new Data ONTAP features typically reserved for our mid-range and high end systems.


For the first time, we are now extending the NetApp Virtual Storage Tier approach to leveraging the power of flash technology to our entry systems with the Flash Pool feature. You can read much more about Flash Pool here. In many ways, flash is perfect for growing midsize businesses: 


  • They typically run many of the applications that can benefit from flash acceleration like email, virtual desktop and server environments, and databases like Oracle or SQL Server.  Flash Pool reduces application latency, allowing businesses to better serve their customers and employees.
  • Midsized companies have tight budgets and are looking for ways to leverage scarce resources. By combining flash with larger capacity and more space efficient disk drives, many companies can shrink their storage footprint and acquisition costs.  Plus they can reduce operational expenses like power and cooling.  What’s more, Flash Pool is fully integrated with our industry-leading set of efficiency features, resulting in even further reduction in the amount of data to be managed.
  • Finally, and very critical to the midsize space, Flash Pool is extremely easy to set up and use.  Fully integrated with the upcoming release of System Manager, setting up a Flash Pool is quick and easy, with no manual intervention required afterwards.



Next, with the new release of Data ONTAP 8.1.1, all of our entry systems support Clustering.  This presents another unique capability unmatched in the entry-level storage market. Whether you are a midsize customer planning for future growth or a larger enterprise that needs cost-effective building blocks for your cluster environment, the new FAS2200 Series can answer your challenge.


For more information on the new FAS2200 Series please go here:

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