Shanghai FESCO: My Pick for the Winner of the 2016 Innovation Awards

By Jarett Kulm, Principal Technologist, High Availability, Inc, NetApp A-Team member

Excerpt below from my full blog, “Shanghai FESCO Cloud: Scaling China’s Startup Businesses Human Resources”


To me, the stand out innovation here is by Shanghai’s FESCO Cloud, which utilized All Flash FAS and NetApp Private Storage to bring online a new cloud human resources offering for startup companies in China.

Why is this innovative?

Imagine if you were the primary brand for all human resources in China. You already had 30,000 customers including Bose, Huawei, Alibaba, and 85 percent of the Fortune Global 500. On top of that, you managed 600,000 service employees, 300,000 staff in Shanghai, and ownership of a multitude of endeavors such as job placement companies, medical insurance management companies, and investment firms.

Now, what would you do if you were tasked to bring online a cloud offering and onboard a large portion of China’s 1500+ startup companies which are formed every single day?
This is a mountain of data and compute, and it’ll keep growing!

With a dynamic amount of computing needs, a hybrid cloud is the perfect way to handle the ebbs and flows of requests, and NetApp Private Storage with All Flash FAS is the perfect way to enable a hybrid cloud with the Data Fabric.


Shanghai FESCO is embracing NetApp’s Data Fabric design principles:
⦁    Control – Provide proper ownership and governance of data no matter where it may be located.
⦁    Choice – Limiting cloud vendor lock-in by having data portability.
⦁    Integration – Each layer of the stack operating as one.
⦁    Access – Easy to get to data whether in a datacenter, at headquarters, or on the internet.
⦁    Consistency – Being able to utilize standard tools and processes for management of your systems and data.




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Jarett Kulm

Jarett is a Principal Technologist for High Availability, Inc in Valley Forge, PA. He oversees presales and postsales technical engineering services as well as design and architecture for storage infrastructure. In addition to NetApp storage, Jarett specializes in Oracle, UNIX, and virtualized environments.

His hobbies include locksport, 3D printing, RPi/Arduino development, and making weird things that combine all of the above.


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