SharePoint 2010 and FlexPod Validated Designs – You’ve Got Options

There’s been substantial interest following my recent post “New Cisco Validated Design, “SharePoint 2010 for FlexPod on VMware" and I realized a few folks thought this was merely an update to the previous SharePoint 2010/FlexPod validated design published about a year ago. Au contraire!

Customers deploying or upgrading to SharePoint 2010 now have several validated approaches depending on their environments and requirements.

  • We’ve also validated a complete, end-to-end architecture for virtualized SharePoint environments that demonstrates extreme scalability and has been tested to support up to 100,000 users with 10 percent concurrency while providing high availability and server redundancy. That CVD is available here: SharePoint 2010 for FlexPod on VMware for 100,000 users

Both CVDs provide a wealth of details on how Cisco, VMware and NetApp technologies make a robust enterprise architecture possible for high-availability, scale and global accessibility.

The Register posted an interesting review of the CVD with one of the more classic comments I have seen about SharePoint, “The design is long and complex, which means that while you pore over it you'll also have time to consider the ethics of inflicting SharePoint on 100,000 people.” And I agree that the design is indeed long and complex but Microsoft SharePoint Server has continued to grow in adoption and the design testing like that in the CVD prove that SharePoint scales for large enterprises but with some thought. All too often organizations enter into the SharePoint deployment process without properly architecting the environment which includes infrastructure topology, information architecture and taxonomy design along with proper sizing for content growth.

Now for the last comment about “inflicting SharePoint on 100,000 people”, a well-thought out design will go a long way towards ensuring a successful  and productive deployment that many users will find very positive.

3/21 UPDATE: I've added some additional details on The SharePoint Guy blog.


I found one bit interesting - the documented use of Cisco VM-FEX, which looks interesting as a concept on paper, but isn't massively popular in my opinion.