SharePoint 2010 and UCS - Important Detail

There was quite a bit of buzz about the recent SharePoint 2010 on FlexPod for VMware Cisco Validated Design and there is an important detail I wanted to point out. The write-up posted on The Register states that "The design suggests a veritable laundry list of Cisco kit, including 18 UC servers, ..." and I wanted to make sure everyone understands why it took 18 UCS. In Table 5 of the CVD (see screenshot) you will notice that the overall test harness took 18 Cisco UCS Blade Server B200 M2s. Thirteen were dedicated to Visual Studio 2010 for running 1 Test Controller and 12 Visual Studio 2010 Test Agents in order to generate the load. Only 5 UCS Blade Servers were used for SharePoint 2010 to support 100,000 users with 10% concurrency.