SnapManager 7.1 for SharePoint supports SharePoint 2013

Yes, NetApp is ready for SharePoint 2013 with SnapManager 7.1 for SharePoint (SMSP 7.1). SMSP 7.1 brings together world class technologies from NetApp and AvePoint to provide comprehensive and efficient management of SharePoint 2013 assets. SharePoint 2013 brings in a whole new paradigm of enterprise content management with an array of very compelling features. More information may be found here. Deploying SharePoint 2013 on NetApp storage offers great benefits in terms of integrated data protection and data management.


SMSP 7.1 will support the following features in SharePoint 2013: - 

  • Backup and restore of SharePoint 2013 web-content including web applications
  • Backup and restore of new SharePoint 2013 Search
  • Backup and restore new Shared Service Applications (SSAs)
  • Support for Shredded Storage (introduced in SharePoint 2013)
  • Support for SQL Server 2012


The figure below shows the centralized view of a SharePoint 2013 farm in the SMSP manager: -


But beyond the thrills and frills why choose NetApp for SharePoint? In one sentence, “Agile Data Infrastructure for SharePoint”, and we deliver every bit of it through SnapManager for
SharePoint. Here’s how: -


Comprehensive and integrated data protection for SharePoint 2013 and 2010

SMSP leverages deep integration between NetApp’s snapshot technology and SharePoint to provide efficient application-consistent backups of SharePoint farms. SMSP allows backing up the entire SharePoint farm or its individual components such as Web applications, SharePoint 2013 search, FAST search (for SharePoint 2010), IIS metadata, WFEs, and custom databases. In addition SMSP supports granular restores of SharePoint objects from complete farm and Web apps down to sites, lists, document libraries, and individual list items. SMSP provides integrated data protection for SharePoint environments through its integration with NetApp SnapMirror® and SnapVault® technologies. This provides both disaster recovery and disk-to-disk backup archival capabilities for SharePoint environments.


Policy based data management and data tiering

SMSP provides policy-based management of data externalization, which allows SharePoint administrators to set policies at various SharePoint hierarchies, including site collections, sites, lists, and document libraries, based on attributes to move actual documents or BLOBs from content databases to external SMB shares. SMSP enables tiering of SharePoint data using a combination of data externalization and data archival policies such that SharePoint data can be moved from primary storage to cheaper storage layers. SMSP can also be used to efficiently connect and manage unstructured external data with SharePoint without having to explicitly migrate the data into SharePoint sites or content databases.


Centralized monitoring and management of SharePoint farms

SMSP allows efficient monitoring and management of SharePoint backups and data lifecycle across multiple farms. The SMSP manager allows SharePoint administrators to manage multiple farms from the same console. This includes the ability to manage both SharePoint 2013 and 2010 farms from a single SMSP manager.


Agile Data Infrastructure for SharePoint

Deploying SharePoint data on clustered Data ONTAP offers 

  • Non-disruptive operations, comprehensive management, and storage optimization for your SharePoint environment
  • Scalable storage infrastructure to meet growing demands of your applications including SharePoint



To summarize, SnapManager 7.1 for SharePoint delivers integrated data protection, intelligent management, seamless scalability, and reduced costs for your SharePoint environment. SMSP 7.1 provides:

  • Fast and efficient SharePoint backup and restore (granular) to meet stringent SLAs
  • Integrated data protection through NetApp Snapshots, SnapMirror and SnapVault
  • Policy-based data externalization to lower storage cost and meet scalability demands
  • Policy-based data tiering and lifecycle management for SharePoint data
  • In-place,efficient migration of unstructured data into SharePoint
  • End-to-end manageability of SharePoint data, backups and farms
  • Support for virtualized SharePoint environments on VMWare ESX server and Microsoft Hyper-V