SnapManager 8.0 for SharePoint Released!

On September 26, 2013 we released the latest version of SnapManager 8.0 for SharePoint (SMSP8) . The product is available for download from the NetApp support site. This new version continues to build on the features across the unified platform from AvePoint and NetApp. SMSP8 is based on DocAve 6.3 with the following direct integration of NetApp technologies:


  • Clustered Data ONTAP® 8.2 support
  • SnapVault® integration using SnapManager® 7.0 for SQL Server® in clustered Data ONTAP
  • SnapManager for Microsoft SharePoint Manager role based access control (RBAC) support
  • SharePoint content database cloning
  • Complete backup and restore support for all SharePoint 2013 objects


Here are a few screenshots of the latest version highlighting some of the features:

  • Welcome and login, nothing new here just shows updated version

  • SharePoint database migration directly in the product now! No more having to use SnapManager for SQL Server to migrate your databases.

  • Role-based access control

  • View of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 Farm tree displayed in SMSP8

  • SMSP8 has also been certified for Microsoft Windows Server 2012.


Take it for a test drive.




toorr Netapp Alumni

Hi Barkz


My customer would like to migrate all SharePoint data from 7mode and older version of SMSP to cDOT and a newer version of SMSP (maybe version 8.0.1).


If they are using the older versions (pre 8 or even 7) I guess they have to use SMSQL to migrate Dbs? Also, what about other content how do we migrate from 7mode to cDOT?