SnapManager 8.1 for SharePoint Released!

On May 15th, 2014 we released the latest version 8.1 of SnapManager for SharePoint (SMSP 8.1) . The product is available for download from the NetApp support site. This new version continues to build on the features across the unified platform from AvePoint and NetApp. SMSP8.1 is based on DocAve 6.4 with the following feature adds and improvements:


  • Clustered Data ONTAP® 8.2.2 support
  • Health Analyzer
  • Performance improvements
  • Support for Microsoft SharePoint 2013 SP1
  • Support for Microsoft Windows 2012 R2


Here are some feature details captured in screenshots below -


  • SMSP 8.1 welcome screen, with SnapManager and DocAve Platform version numbers


  • Introducing the NEW Health Analyzer feature
    • SMSP is designed as a highly scalable and a distributed platform. In both small and large SharePoint deployments, in order to identify environmental issues sooner, this version of SMSP introduces the “Health Analyzer” module to the overall platform.
    • Health Analyzer scans the farm according to rules you select in the Health Analyzer profiles to report on any issues that may affect SnapManager for SharePoint modules. In addition to the existing checks performed during installation for pre-existing software components, this will check the overall configuration of the platform post-install, including network, security, and windows server settings.
    • Only users in the SnapManager for SharePoint Administrators group can use Health Analyzer.
    • On the first launch of the health analyzer, you will be prompted to configure the scan against the SharePoint environment. This scan can be targeted at any one server, module of SMSP, or farm – but it is recommended to run all-encompassing scans for the entire deployment.


Launch Health Analyzer from icons on the top, or from the left-hand navigation pane

    • Health Analyzer profiles contain user-configured rules; these rules define what is checked in your SnapManager for SharePoint modules.
    • Scan rules interface will allow users to sort by category (permissions, network, software) and the originating module for the rule. They will also include metadata regarding why these rules and permissions are necessary, to help justify the settings and permissions that we recommend in cases where network or security teams need to be involved for the change.



  • SMSP 8.1 has been certified for Microsoft Windows Server 2012 and 2012 R2



Apart from the aforementioned features, SMSP 8.1 offers Platform Backup and Restore module performance improvements as follows -

  • Parallel database indexing during backup and verification job
    • While submitting a backup job, you have the option  to build an index of content within the SharePoint content databases for faster identification of data at times of recovery. This indexing process can occur at the time of backup or during a maintenance window, using either the production SQL server to perform this test or a standby SQL server.
  • Supports indexing on multiple alternate database servers
    • Prevents performance overhead on production database servers
  • Parallel backup of SharePoint WFE configurations and content
    • SMSP leverages stream-based backups of WFE content and configurations when running plans which now can be run in parallel, thus, completing faster than in previous versions.


Be it a fresh install or an upgrade, give it a try!



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