“Software Defined” – Been There, Done That. Part 2

By Zev Rubenstein, NetApp Data Protection Product Marketing Manager


Welcome Back for More SDS

In my last post I said that Software-Defined Storage is how I’ve always defined NetApp storage.


Need more proof? V-Series has for years been a front-end to third-party storage, adding our SDS capabilities to systems from EMC/HP/HDS. More recently, we released software-only Data ONTAP Edge that can give you SDS for your commodity hardware.


Integration and Control

To top it off: we have APIs that enable off-array solutions to control our storage to the deepest levels, extending our SDS functionality. Of course, we use those APIs ourselves for our OnCommand management software portfolio (for OnCommand Workflow Automation and overall storage monitoring and management), our SnapManager suite and SnapProtect (to augment our data protection management) and more. But more significantly, we expose those APIs, enabling our technology partners to do amazing things as well, including archive and compliance, quota management, and data protection.


It’s Obvious, clustered Data ONTAP

With our clustered Data ONTAP we take everything to the next level – all that “software defined” goodness with non-disruptive operation and seamless scale out and scale up.  Yet another example of how much intelligence we push into the OS: if you set up a data protection policy to replicate from one node to another in a cluster, you can move the source and target volumes during replication1.


Many have chided us for “taking so long” to get clustered Data ONTAP out the door. Duh! It’s NOT easy – and, by the way, that’s why we’re the only ones who have actually done it.


Yes, SDDC overall requires lots of thought and capabilities in many layers (see some great blogs by Joel McKelvey and Bhumik Patel, and for lots of detail John Martin), but when it comes to the storage layer, NetApp is where it all began, and we’ve got such a head start I can’t imagine anyone catching up.



  1 – I think this feature was developed at our Hogwarts Data Center.


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