Solving The Challenge of Multi-Tenant Showback

By Kristina Brand, OnCommand Product Marketing


According to ESG, one of the top IT priorities of 2013, and over the past several years, is increased use of server virtualization. Why? Businesses continue to leverage server virtualization as a way to maximize utilization of their IT resources, and pave the way for deploying their cloud environments. This is one way that businesses are managing exponential data growth, yet there is also another mechanism that forward-looking businesses and cloud service providers are adopting—they’re implementing processes for showback reporting or chargeback reporting.


I interviewed NetApp CSE (Consulting Systems Engineer) Arnt de Gier about his experience, and how he has been helping customers develop multi-tenant showback reporting, so that they can see the real cost of applications by tenant, business, tier, and even by data center. By seeing actual costs, it’s easier for businesses to make the right changes, and to make a direct impact on cost savings.



To learn more about multi-tenant showback and chargeback reporting, explore the library of How To videos on the NetApp OnCommand community.