Spotlight Video: SnapManager 8.0 for SharePoint, RBS and Microsoft SkyDrive Pro 2013

I had some questions recently whether or not content that has been remoted used the SnapManager for SharePoint (SMSP) Remote BLOB Storage (RBS) Provider to NetApp CIFS will continue to work properly with Microsoft SkyDrive Pro 2013, and the simple answer is yes!


SMSP provides a set of storage optimization features, Real-time Storage Manager and Scheduled Storage Manager. Both of these features use RBS as the underlying mechanism to remote content off to NetApp CIFS. In the case of SharePoint Server 2013 there are some additional tweaks of the FileWriteChunkSize property to ensure that content is being remoted if you are using a size criteria (eg. Remote off document >1MB in size). If you are using Scheduled Storage Manager (which is the recommended feature to use with Shredded Storage) then you have a much finer level of criteria to remote content (eg. by date, by author, by modified date, etc.).


In this spotlight video I show how all of this works using Real-time Storage Manager with a FileWriteChunkSize = 2GB (2147483648 bytes). This is not a recommended approach I am just using it in this video to make things simple with Real-time Storage Manager.


Direct video link:



Hope this helps answer some questions on the if and how this all works.