SteelStore Amazon Machine Images Available for Upgrades!

SteelStore has enjoyed great success while at Riverbed, delivering an efficient, heterogeneous and secure cloud storage solution to store backup and cold storage workloads. Initially provided as a physical and virtual solution for businesses, SteelStore expanded its horizons with the introduction of the SteelStore Amazon Machine Image (AMI) to Amazon’s marketplace in 2013, further broadening its data protection capabilities to cloud compute environments running in Amazon EC2, as well as an optional, additional disaster recovery path for customer physical sites.


With the acquisition by NetApp, SteelStore has joined an innovative storage family which will help drive SteelStore in continuing to change the game in cloud backup and recovery. SteelStore AMI users can experience some of the newest benefits now, with the introduction of the SteelStore 3.2 AMIs. Users that wish to upgrade their existing SteelStore AMI environment to this newest version can do so today, using the steps outlined in the attached document. As an easy to use solution, you can be up and running in no time!


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