SunGard AS Leverages NetApp to Unleash Your Data’s Full Potential

Back in September, I blogged about how clouds have fundamentally changed the tape vs. disk debate. If you will remember, I made the following prediction:

Service Providers who offer Public Cloud services which store (keep) and manage non-current data for customers are now in a position to offer a portfolio of ways to leverage the data. Many Service Providers are doing it already but there is still more innovation to come in this space.”

Well, it turns out that I wasn’t wrong (am I ever?). One of our innovative Service Provider partners, SunGard Availability Services, has taken NetApp technologies like FlexClone, SnapMirror, and SnapVault, and turned them not only into a “pay-as-you-go data-protection-in-the-cloud” solution, but also into an “unleash-the-full-potential-of-your-data-in-the-cloud” solution. (Pardon me if I’ve committed any improprieties while using hyphens to create new terminology.)

SunGard AS, a long-time provider of disaster recovery and managed services, has partnered with NetApp to offer Managed Vaulting for NetApp. How does it work and whom does it benefit? Well, let’s say you’re not at a point where you can expend the capex to build out a recovery site. Or even if you have, maybe you aren’t yet able to populate that recovery site with a second NetApp storage system. In that case, since you’ve already got SnapMirror or SnapVault on your primary NetApp system, you can use it to replicate your data from your production NetApp storage device to a shared NetApp system at SunGard’s recovery center.  You don’t have to spend a dime of capex, and you’re no longer carting trucks full of tapes over to a vault and keeping your fingers crossed that they will work if and when you ever need them.

Better yet, once a copy of your production data is sitting at SunGard’s recovery site, you can treat it like your own personal dev/test playground. With NetApp FlexClone, you can access your native data – current and historical – anytime you want. You can spin up as many FlexClones as you like on the NetApp storage infrastructure at SunGard, and then take advantage of the compute power from as many of the thousands of live, SunGard standby servers as you may require. You can  use those FlexClone copies to develop new applications, test software upgrades and disaster recovery failover, or even run scalability simulations or mine big datasets for business insights – all without impacting production whatsoever.

Check out our new joint white paper about how to best select the data protection solutions that unleash the full potential of your data. While you’re at it, check out our new joint video describing SunGard’s Managed Vaulting for NetApp service as well – you just might find the motivation to finally get off of tape altogether.


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