Symantec’s IT Transformation: A Virtual Private Cloud Built on FlexPod

“Trans·for·ma·tion”, tran(t)sfərˈmāSH(ə)n/ is described in the dictionary as a thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance.


We hear the word transformation all of the time in headlines….

  • Gov't launches defense transformation roadmap
  • Digital Transformation: Brian Solis Headlines Capgemini's #CCWeek 2014 in Chantilly France.
  • Healthcare transformation leadership summit
  • Keeping up with Bruce Jenner’s Extreme Transformation

If you read beyond the headlines into the articles, you’ll find that a” transformation” or “dramatic change” occurred in a strategy, process, or appearance of the subjects in these articles.  


You can add Symantec’s IT transformation to the list of headlines.  


Symantec’s support organization needed faster, more agile infrastructure to support customers and improve time to resolution. Symantec has traditionally supported hundreds of labs globally. Existing methods to duplicate customer environments in these labs were inflexible and complex, resulting in ongoing CapEX and OpEx overrun.  


Symantec evaluated various technology options before choosing to deploy the NetApp® and Cisco® FlexPod converged infrastructure to create Granite Labs: a highly virtualized, flexible private cloud to provide faster, better service.



According to Jon Sanchez, Director of IT Data Center Services at Symantec, NetApp's willingness to aid in this transformation was key to their success. “When you’re doing something innovative, it’s nice to have somebody in the hot seat with you. NetApp got in the hot seat with us and helped us go the right way,” says Sanchez.


Symantic.pngThe results of the deployment were phenomenal. By deploying a highly scalable and virtual private cloud on the FlexPod® platform as the basis of its Granite Labs initiative, Symantec significantly reduced time to market on product development and was able to:

  • Save tens of millions of dollars over three years through more efficient use of resources for lab environments
  • Reduce the time required to deploy test lab environments from 2 weeks to 15 minutes
  • Enable better collaboration among and QA teams, making them more effective
  • Improve customer satisfaction and speed time to resolution
  • Consolidate 14 lab hosting facilities in the United States down to 2
  • Eliminate more than 37,000 weeks of effort that previously would have been spent on manually provisioning lab environments
  • Expand private clouds into new geographies by using dense, scalable building blocks


To learn more about how Symantec transformed their IT support model with the Granite Labs “lighthouse project”, visit