Take advantage of Netapp Copy offload for Faster VM deployments

We will look at how to deploy Virtual Machine faster using Copy Offload(ODX) by Netapp Storage.


With SCVMM 2012 R2, we will now be able to take advantage of copy offload, while deploying a virtual machine from SCVMM library. Also known as Fast File Copy.




Netapp Storage controller running Clustered Data ONTAP 8.2.1, with copy offload enabled.

2 Node Microsoft Hyper-v Cluster 2012 R2

System centre virtual machine manager 2012 R2

Active directory Domain Controller for authentication.


Configuration of the Netapp Storage Controller


We have 2 LUNs configured here, they are Part of the Vserver LAB_Vserver

  1. lun_Cluster_ODX is presented to the hyper-v Cluster and its used as Cluster Shared Volume.
  2. Lun_VMMLib is presented to the SCVMM server and it is hosting the VMM Library.



Now let's Make sure we have ODX Enabled for this Vserver "LAB_Vserver".

We will login to Cluster CLI and set the diagnostic mode. Once we are in the Diag mode, use Command "copy-offload show -vserver LAB_Vserver". This will show the status of Copy-Offload.




cluster::*> copy-offload show -vserver LAB_Vserver


                     Vserver Name: LAB_Vserver

                 NFS Copy-Offload: -

                SCSI Copy-Offload: enabled

                     QoS Throttle: 0B

Copy-Offload Via Sub-File Cloning: enabled



Now let's look at the SCVMM and Hyper-v Cluster.


So we have a hyper-v cluster with 2 Nodes.




In VMM Library we have a "ODX Template" which will be used for demo.


This template has Windows server 2012R2 Datacentre edition.




We will create a VM from this template, named "ODX-test".




Now you must use the default settings that you have specified in your template, only thing that you have to make sure is the virtual machine destination is on the same as LUN that we have presented from the Netapp Storage above.





In this LAB setup "C:\ClusterStorgae\Volume2" is on the "lun_Cluster_ODX" as mentioned in the storage layout above.


It took 39 seconds to deploy a VM, which was Windows server 2012R2 Datacentre full blown edition.




It will take few more minutes for customization once this VM boots up before you can use it.



Dhaval Bhadeshiya

Reference architect - Microsoft Solutions