Tech ONTAP Podcast Episode 26: SolidFire Deep Dive

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Last week, we covered the SolidFire acquisition with NetApp’s Andy Grimes. This week, we are joined by SolidFire employees, Aaron Delp and Amy Lewis, to get their take on the acquisition, as well as Jeremiah Dooley and Andy Banta for a technical deep dive into everything SolidFire. This episode goes into overtime, but is certainly worth the extended listen.


Jeramiah Dooley (@jdooley_clt) is one of the Principal Flash Architects for SolidFire, where he specializes in reference architectures, OpenStack and VMware integration and service provider consumption models. Previous to SolidFire, he spent three years in the Office of the CTO at VCE and 6 years at a VMware-focused regional service provider. Jeramiah loves cider, trains and arguing about things.


Andy Banta (@andybanta) is a Virtualization Architect/Storage Janitor on the SolidFire Tech Solutions team, and was originally a part of SolidFire’s VVols development team.  Prior to SolidFire, Andy worked at VMware as the iSCSI tech lead, and at Sun Micorsystems doing Fibre Channel development.  Outside of work, he enjoys racing cars, hiking and drinking Spanish wines.


Amy Lewis (@CommsNinja) is a Community Evangelist disguised as the Director of Influence Marketing for SolidFire. Co-host of The Geek Whisperers and creator of Engineers Unplugged, she uses old-school tools (whiteboards) and new-school platforms (social) to engage technology thought leaders from around the globe. A connector by disposition, Amy is likely to find you at an event and ask for your thoughts, on camera. Her first computer was a Commodore 64. 


Aaron Delp (@aarondelp) is the Director of Technology Solutions for SolidFire, specializing in cloud based solutions, reference architectures, and customer enablement. In his vast experience in high tech, Aaron has been a leader in the Citrix Cloud Platforms Group; Cloud Field Enablement for VCE; in the management, orchestration, and automation products from VMware, Cisco, EMC, and CA Technologies; and has led the design and publication of the configuration of Cisco Unified Communications (UC) on the VCE Vblock Platform. Other past responsibilities include enabling a top 50 technology value added reseller (VAR), serving as the Data Center Practice Lead, and over 10 years at IBM. 



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How about talking about SolidFire.  I don't have time to listen to your excessive off-topic banter.

 This was a long one, but answered almost every outstanding question I had on how this tech worked under the hood. Fantastic!! Thanks for posting.