Tech ONTAP Podcast Episode 27: Infrastructure Automation with Josh Atwell

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Josh AtwellThe combination of the evolving landscape of IT and the ever-changing roles of administrators often requires teams to find new ways to do more within the same amount of time. With automation, administrators can stretch the boundaries of what was previously expected just a few years ago by enabling simple, repeatable, and predictable actions. These actions can then be reused by anyone, regardless of skills level, to craft a service based on the rules and actions set forth by the organization.

This week, we welcome Josh Atwell, Developer Advocate for SolidFire, to the podcast to have a conversation about automation, APIs, PowerShell, and declarative state management.  We also talk about how SolidFire’s full-featured API enables administrators, developers, orchestrators, applications, and everyone in-between to quickly and easily provision and manage storage for their needs.


You don’t need to be a developer to capitalize on automation!  If you want to know more about the SolidFire, Data ONTAP, StorageGRID, E-Series, or AltaVault APIs and how to automate against them, please reach out to us at!


Josh Atwell (@Josh_Atwell) is a Developer Advocate for SolidFire, now part of NetApp, focused on growing their developer community and delivering technical marketing for automation solutions.  Over the last 10+ years, he has worked very hard to allow little pieces of code to do his work for him through various automation tools. Josh is a contributing author to the popular Mastering vSphere series and the Devops for VMware Administrators book.



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