Tech ONTAP Podcast Episode 28: SolidFire Virtualization

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This week on the Tech ONTAP Podcast, we wrap up February, AKA SolidFire month, with Aaron Patten, virtualization architect for SolidFire. In today’s show, we discuss virtualization, where SolidFire fits into our customer’s environments, and a variety of other things while the third member of our podcast, Andrew Sullivan, travels across the Great White North.


Aaron Patten (@jedimt) is SolidFire virtualization architect, with over 12 years of IT experience, focused on VMware, VVol, and VDI centric solutions. He's been responsible for designing, testing, validating, and helping bring new Vblocks, specifically tailored for large database and VDI workloads, to market, as well as crafting VMware-and-VDI-specific technology solutions. Aaron is passionate about storage and helping educate on how to best leverage SolidFire. 



If you are new to the podcast, tune into any of our previous episodes to see what you may have missed. You can find Tech ONTAP Podcast episodes on the NetApp Blog.


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Great discussion!  Very excited about the SolidFire technology.