Tech ONTAP Podcast Episode 9: Introducing Centralized Data Protection with NetApp SnapCenter

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John SpinksData protection is critical to any enterprise storage device, and even more so to the business.  Losing data is almost always directly equivalent to losing money, consequentially it should be one of the first things that is evaluated when considering a storage device.  NetApp, in addition to RAID-DP, and the high availability architecture of our storage devices, also has a bevy of software which provides application integration for data protection.  This software coordinates quiescing the application and taking SnapShots at the NetApp array level to ensure that the data is consistent and maintains it’s integrity.


This week we sit down with NetApp’s John Spinks, Technical Marketing Engineer, to talk about SnapCenter. SnapCenter is the next generation of our SnapManager and SnapCreator technology, and is the first step in NetApp’s centralized data protection software vision.  SnapCenter provides protection that works across the entire data fabric as applications move back and forth, in and out of the cloud.


We are also happy to note that NetApp Virtual Storage Console 6.1 is now available.  You can find the software on the NetApp MySupport site!



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John Spinks is a Technical Marketing Engineer employed at NetApp for over 7 years.  John has spent his time at NetApp focused on Enterprise Application backup, recovery, and cloning.  He started as the resident expert for IBM Domino and Lotus Notes, then picked up the Snap Creator Framework and associated Plug-ins and helped develop it from a professional services tool to a fully supported product.  John has spent the last year and a half helping to bring NetApp SnapCenter Software to market, focusing on usability and simplicity in NetApp’s newest data protection software.


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