Tech ONTAP Podcast: VMworld 2015 Recap

VMworld 2015 - Tech ONTAP Podcast


VMworld 2015 has officially ended, and it was one of the best we’ve had!  Talking with customers at the booth, meeting with customers for engineer sessions, and participating in “Meet the Executive” briefings all contribute to making VMworld not only exhausting, but immensely fulfilling and educational for us.


The Tech OnTap Podcast team was at VMworld this year where we did daily recaps with many of the fantastic NetApp employees who helped to staff the booth, as well as some visitors from our partners and senior leadership.


Day 1

Starting off with the Welcome Reception Sunday evening, the NetApp booth was packed with attendees asking tough questions and learning about NetApp.  Our recap includes some great stories from Don Bourque about OnCommand Insight, Dan Isaacs (@danisaacs) talking about All-Flash FAS, Peter Learmonth (@titaniumlegs) discusses VVols, and Andrew Grimes (@Andy_NTAP_Flash) closes us out talking about the NetApp flash portfolio.



Day 2

Monday is the first full day of VMworld, and we spent every moment on the expo floor.  NetApp recently partnered with ClusterHQ (@ClusterHQ) to deliver integration with their Flocker container data volume management software.  Today we talk with Michael Ferranti (@ferrantim) about containers, Flocker, and the newly announced NetApp native driver for Flocker.



Day 3

Tuesday marks the middle of the conference for us and we were lucky enough to get Mr. Lee Caswell (@leecaswell), Vice President of Product and Solutions Marketing at NetApp, to talk with us about the NetApp flash portfolio and strategy.  Justin Parisi (@NFSDudeAbides) joins us to talk about a conversation he had with a customer, and we close out the show with Dan Isaacs serenading us briefly and reminding us of our humanity.



Day 4

Wednesday is the last day that the VMworld Expo is open, and is therefore the last day that we attend VMworld.  Before we get kicked out of the booth so it can be tore down and shipped to the next location, we have some great conversations with Chris Gebhardt (@chrisgeb) and Dan Isaacs about a massive 300,000 seat VDI deployment, and close things out with Peter Learmonth giving us the details on his VVols sessions.



VMworld 2015 had more than 23,000 attendees, 400 unique sessions, and dozens of hands-on labs, including NetApp’s own HOL-PRT-1675, available publicly soon.  NetApp’s 60+ booth staff had a blast meeting with our customers, educating session attendees, and having a blast talking about NetApp!  We want to say “Thank you!” to all of the NetApp team who helped with VMworld, and to our guests for the daily recaps. 


If you are new to the podcast, tune into any of our previous episodes to see what you may have missed.  You can find Tech ONTAP Podcast episodes on the NetApp Blog.


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