The FAS8080 EX Solves The Toughest Business-Critical Challenges

By Roger Stein, Product Marketing Manager at NetApp

Organizations today more than ever rely on business critical applications to keep operations running. These applications depend on databases and information stores that contain the most vital and irreplaceable business data including financial, sales, engineering, logistics and customer information. Any slowdown or interruption in a business critical application can result in lost revenue, opportunities or customer satisfaction.

To meet business critical demands and help organizations and agencies drive success in the most challenging environments, NetApp recently introduced a new, extreme platform, the FAS8080 EX. It has impressive numbers when scaled out to its largest configuration.

  • Store nearly 70 PB of data and accelerate access with nearly half a PB of flash in a hybrid configuration, 4.6 PB of flash in an all-flash configuration
  • Process data with almost 4M IOPS of throughput
  • Deliver high speed access to more users with over 600 channels of I/O.

The FAS8080 EX, running NetApp Data ONTAP, is most impressive when its extreme numbers are applied to the toughest business critical challenges.

EXTREME SCALE to exceed demanding business expectations

The FAS8080 EX consolidates more workloads and handles massive data flows with nearly 70 PB of storage and 4M IOPS of throughput. SAS, SATA and SSD drives can be combined in a single system so that workloads can transparently migrate to hybrid aggregates optimized for $/IOPS or all-flash aggregates for maximum speed.

Stringent service-level objectives are implemented with Quality of Service (QoS) and non-disruptive operations (NDO) features. QoS ensures that all applications have the performance they need by preventing misbehaving applications from monopolizing the controller. The data mobility capabilities of NDO eliminate planned downtime.  Any spike in demand is handled with over 300,000 IOPS per HA pair that scales linearly as each FAS8080 EX is added to a cluster.

EXTREME RESILIENCY to keep business critical applications running

A business critical application cannot slow or go down. The FAS8080 EX and the rest of the FAS8000 family have greater than 5 9s availability minimizing the risk of downtime. The scalable performance of the FAS8080 EX insures that business critical applications will not slow down. A dedicated storage system specifically designed to provide high availability with unique hardware and operating system is not necessary, eliminating the risk of data being siloed in a specialized machine.

EXTREME ALL-FLASH PERFORMANCE for the quickest response

To meet the low latencies demanded by VDI and OLTP applications there is no need to add complexity with a dedicated flash array and its specialized hardware and operating system. An all-flash FAS8080 EX brings all the data management benefits of Data ONTAP and can be seamlessly added to a cluster. 

EXTREME FLEXIBILITY for building business critical hybrid clouds

The FAS8080 EX takes on all the business critical applications running in a cloud. It consolidates both file and block workloads and migrates them to hybrid or all-flash nodes in a cluster optimizing for cost and performance.   Private clouds are easily built by combining the scale of the FAS8080 EX, the management capabilities of Data ONTAP and NetApp OpenStack solutions. Data is easily moved between Amazon Web Services and a FAS8080 EX hybrid cloud with NetApp Private Storage (NPS) for AWS eliminating the risk of business critical data being stranded in a public cloud.

The FAS8080 EX’s extreme numbers make it a strategic resource and the best platform to take on the toughest business critical challenges.