The Keys to Security Success with SafeNet and NetApp

By Blair Semple, CISSP-ISSEP, Director, Business Development, SafeNet

It's exciting to see NetApp supporting more and more drive types and capacities in its NetApp Storage Encryption (NSE) portfolio. The recently-released NSE drives are a great addition, giving you an even wider range of encryption options. NSE provides full-disk encryption to ensure that all data on a disk is securely encrypted, and – because encryption happens on the drive – it doesn't interfere with storage system functions like deduplication and compression.


Of course, when you encrypt data, you need to securely store and manage the encryption keys. One of the things that sets NetApp apart from other storage providers is the fact that it offers a central key management solution, SafeNet KeySecure, so you can easily purchase, integrate and manage encrypted storage. KeySecure can store and manage encryption keys for NetApp's entire encryption portfolio, including NSE, SafeNet StorageSecure for Ethernet-based inline encryption of CIFS/ NFS shares and Brocade Encryption Switches.

KeySecure is built on standard KMIP protocols and can also manage encryption keys for products that aren't in the NetApp portfolio but that might be in your data center. For example, if you're running VMs in your NetApp datacenter, SafeNet ProtectV enables encryption of VMs – and of course you can use the same KeySecure appliance to manage those keys as well.


NetApp's strength (and one of the reasons we at SafeNet like working with them so much) is that they don't try to create a one-size-fits-all solution. NetApp develops different options based on customer requirements and then works with you to figure out which option is right for your specific needs and environment. No matter what your encryption requirement is, NetApp provides a way for you to tackle security.


Want to know more about security and key management for your NetApp datacenter? Download the SafeNet StorageSecure + NetApp solution brief, read up on The Importance of Key Management for Storage, or try ProtectV free for 30 days and see how you can encrypt your virtual storage.