The Mysteries of Bigfoot and Data Recovery

San Francisco-based Recovery as a Service (RaaS) developer nScaled recently launched a DR Cloud service with a twist (check out the webinar “RaaS with nScaled and NetApp” here: nScaled offers cloud-based storage and disaster recovery for midsize companies with sophisticated data security needs. Historically only available to the largest enterprises, true disaster recovery in the cloud is cost-effective and easy to manage. It's a great example of the strength of cloud technology.


"RaaS has been hailed as a 'killer' cloud app for disaster recovery, but the reality is that there has been much hype and some truth," said John Morency, research vice president at Gartner

Cloud-based disaster recovery is often like the search for Bigfoot. You see some fuzzy photos here and there, some plaster casts of enormous footprints shown on the weekend news, and maybe some interesting sound effects. But really, where's the actual proof?

In relation to recovery of valuable data I think nScaled has changed the game here, the actual proof DOES exist. Knowing that your data is “out there and in safe hands” is one thing but getting it back when and how you want it is something else. nScaled's customers validate the value proposition of RaaS.

In general, disaster recovery is challenging for small business and midsize enterprises with limited human resources. It requires more than a few technically expert IT managers (read….high paid humans who are worth every penny) to maintain. So most midsize companies compromise and implement less costly data storage strategies that often don't include true disaster recovery solutions. Think onsite backup with maybe an offsite media storage provider stopping by on Fridays. It “works” in a 1970’s sort of way for local file recovery, but a regional disaster like a hurricane in New York, a flood in Thailand or a tsunami in Japan might mean customers and employees would be unable to access systems for many days. This, research has shown, can be fatal for businesses.

So obviously this compromise comes with risk. Along the lines of "I'm a really safe driver so I'll save some money and not insure my car" kind of risk. Best avoided.

Numerous studies calculate the high hourly cost of data or services downtime. Downtime negatively affects customers, employees, and partners. So automating the complex, challenging and time-consuming tasks of backup, data recovery and disaster recovery (DR) to prevent this downtime should be a priority for every midsize company. This scenario is perfect for the strengths of the cloud.

Generally, Cloud-based solutions deliver higher functionality at lower price points, and without high capital investments. The nScaled team tells me most of their customers pay about the same for this innovative cloud platform as they did for their outdated, traditional local backup and recovery apps.

This is where nScaled steps in and provides a clear IT return on investment path. As a cloud-based platform, nScaled delivers enterprise-class disaster recovery capabilities at a fraction of the cost of separate, traditional backup, recovery and DR solutions.

This hybrid cloud model enables businesses to recover any file or server in under 15 minutes and recover data centers in less than 2 hours. With true disaster recovery (with a capital “R” on Recovery). It means smaller companies get the business continuity that the big guys have enjoyed for decades, thanks to cloud technology. Their hybrid cloud storage model lets you choose where to run primary applications, where to back up, and where to failover.

Now simply backing up to the cloud doesn't mean you're ready in case of a disaster, either natural or man-made. The nScaled platform allows you to test and verify your disaster preparedness. Essential for IT professionals who want to show value to their management team and to give Boards confidence in being compliant to regulations.

So why RaaS? And why nScaled? On the NetApp platform, nScaled offers a cloud-based, all-in-one disaster recovery, online backup, and data storage solution that increases functionality and proves that cloud technology is the way smaller companies even the playing field with the big guys.

So now that we've found that RaaS from nScaled works in the wild, let's start on finding Bigfoot. Just like that thesis I put onto a CD in 2002…………’s out there somewhere.

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This is another informative article.  You said "Cloud-based solutions deliver higher functionality at lower price points".  That's sounds wonderful. We'll take a research in this cloud-based solutions and maybe we can apply it to our records management service. I hope it will be effective here in Philippines. Thanks for this article.