The NetApp E2700: Enterprise-Class Block Storage for Everyone

Today, November 19th, 2013, NetApp formally announced the pending availability of the E2700 storage system. The E2700 comes with impressive pedigree and is the 7th generation controller designed to specifically meet the burgeoning requirements of small to medium businesses and remote office locations. 


Over time, these particular customer environments have grown increasingly complex in nature and have begun in many ways to much more closely resemble their larger enterprise data center cousins than at any time in the past.  These business environments have become proliferated with virtual and physical machines driving critical applications like databases, collaborative applications, and messaging requiring block storage that is sophisticated and addresses the high performance, flexibility, reliability, and broad feature sets provided by the NetApp E2700.


From a performance standpoint, the new E2700 offers double the amount of throughput of the previous E2600 now providing up to 7 GB/s of sequential read performance and up to 80,000 IOPS for random reads.  The E2700 leverages new 12Gb SAS 3.0 native host connections to provide exceptional host performance and, optionally,16Gb Fibre Channel, 10Gb iSCSI.  Additional 12Gb SAS 3.0 host interface cards can be added to the system to further expand the accessibility of customer data from supported hosts.


Flexibility is yet another key feature of the E2700 system.  The E2700 controllers can be populated in one of three different drive chassis in order to best fit the customer objectives.  The 60 drive in 4u packaging of the E2760 can be used to provide an industry-leading density package of up to 60TB per single rack unit as might be needed for storage-intensive applications such as backup to disk, bulk file retrieval, or even many messaging applications.  For more performance-centric environments, such as those with transactional databases, the 24 drive E2724 can be used to support high-performance 2.5” hard disk drives or even higher performance solid state disks. 


Finally, the 12 drive E2712 supports both large 4TB NL-SAS drives for capacity purposes as well as 3.5” 15k drives to meet performance requirements.  Taking this hybrid approach and flexibility to another level, the E2700 system also supports the intermix of not only drive types within an enclosure as noted above, but different enclosures can be intermixed as well to provide the ultimate performance and capacity for any application or mixture of application requirements within the small-to-medium business data center or remote office location.


With the NetApp E2700 the ordering and fulfillment process has been further simplified in that all features, with the exception of Drive Security, will be enabled by default.  Creation of up to 128 snapshots per volume, the usage of the revolutionary Dynamic Disk Pool feature, thin provisioning, creation of a Volume Copy, allocation of solid state disks as an SSD Read Cache, and even Synchronous or Asynchronous Remote Volume Mirroring to another E-Series for disaster recovery are included with the E2700 to further enhance the protection of ever-critical customer data. 

These included features, when combined with the performance, overall flexibility, and highly resilient field proven design of the E2700 storage system, provide a fantastic enterprise-class block storage environment for everyone, from the small and medium business data center running a wide variety of applications with diverse requirements to remote branch offices needing additional local block storage and even to the enterprise for specific application use cases.


When coupled with our commitment to partnering effectively with complementary technology and solution providers, such as Teradata and how they integrate NetApp E-Series, we are able to deliver an innovation strategy that provides differentiated competitive advantage for our customers, as well as the kind of choice and flexibility that drives real business results. See Teradata's post here.


Watch NetApp executive George Kurian, EVP, Product Operations share NetApp's product portfolio.