The Only North American Safety Net Hospital that Places in the Top 10 in Overall Quality

Denver Health


Guest Post By David Boone


As the Operations and Server Manager of Denver Health, I’m always worried about performance, high availability, and uptime. It can be stressful, considering that we are Colorado’s primary nonprofit healthcare safety net. Despite this challenge, Denver Health delivers quality care year after year, in part through the strategic use of IT. Through it all, NetApp has been very committed to helping Denver Health meet their goals. I’m excited to have the opportunity to share my story at Citrix Synergy this year! More information on my session, which is on Thursday, May 14, 8:30 a.m. / W414B, titled “Denver Health: a customer’s story on providing affordable, quality care using Citrix, Cisco, and NetApp” can go here. Meanwhile, I wanted to share a bit more about our story.


Denver Health relies on NetApp and technologies including FlexPod® and clustered Data ONTAP® in Citrix®, VMware®, and Merge PACS environments to enhance the delivery of care to a community of 600,000 patients. We are continually forging new ground in delivering services to patients —many with limited or no health coverage. On challenge I’d like to share was how we needed to provide care to more folks as the Affordable Care Act kicked in.


Extending the reach of affordable, quality care

The rollout of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) will reimburse DH for a greater proportion of the care it delivers, but millions across the U.S. will still be without coverage in the coming years. Safety net institutions, like DH, are needed to fill the gap. To stretch the budget further and enable it to extend care to insured and non-insured alike, DH is again turning to IT to help it do more with less.


NetApp, Citrix, and Cisco provide the platform for success

First, we migrated 100TB of data to two NetApp FAS3250 storage systems, which we integrated with our existing Cisco UCS blade servers and Cisco Nexus switches to form a FlexPod Datacenter configuration. This new infrastructure offered us the ability to centrally support our infrastructure and related applications, which is vital given our patient-critical production environment.


Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 9.34.10 AM.pngReady and reliable desktop sessions equals better care

Our Citrix-based desktop environment is essential to patient care. Through a secure, single sign-on process, clinicians are able to log in to their secure roaming sessions, giving them anytime access to applications and patient records wherever they may be on the DH campus. This saves time and simplifies access, giving them faster access to patient information and data, which means better care for their patients.


Better for patients, better for business

I’m proud to say that for the past three years, we have ranked within the top five percent for inpatient survival among 117 leading academic hospitals in the U.S. University HealthSystem Consortium. We are also the only safety net hospital in North America placing in the top 10 in overall quality. However, quality is not the only thing that is making this health care system a model for others to emulate. We have also captured the spotlight by continuing to remain financially sound—all while providing billions of dollars in care to the poor, homeless, and other vulnerable members of the community.


Thanks for letting us share our story with you, and for more information NetApp, visit our both at Citrix Synergy 2015.


David Boone has Twenty-five years of professional IT experience. He was a programmer for 11 year utilizing C++ and Pascal for a medical company, and has worked in every level of technology from Desktop to server. David has been at Denver Health for the last 16 years, with the last 10 years as the Operations and Server Manager.


As the Operations and Server manager, he is responsible for Denver Health’s IT vision in implementing the strategy and adoption of storage, backup and server technologies. During his career he has developed processes to minimize the risk and ensure high availability for their environment. David is widely recognized by employees, peers, management, and consultants as an expert authority on technology matters.


Image via Denver Health