The curious case of Reverse Migration from Linux to Windows

Dear Community,

Late last week, I was contacted by a customer, that they would like to migrate their Snap Creator server from Linux to Windows.


I don't know their reasoning behind the request.

I would imagine, that they wanted to leverage powershell cmdlets  as part of Snap Creator workflows.


This is what I found out as I tested this in the lab.


In my lab environment, I had 9 profiles and 34 configs and a mix of application plugins.

There were scheduled jobs and a wealth of logs from my previous backup.

The total size of my Snap Creator installation folder on linux was about 5GB.



Ensure the Windows Server that replaces the Linux Server has all the necessary network connectivity and Ports open

Download the same version of Snap Creator Software (match 32 bit or 64 bit) for Windows.

Download matching (32bit or 64bit) version of Java (refer install guide for the minimum supported Java version)


Installing Snap Creator Server Software (and Agent software) on Windows

Install Java (if need be)

Install Snap Creator Server software. (and agent software if you have a need)

  (using similar credentials and port numbers that were used in your Linux setup)

Once installed login to the GUI and verify your access.

Shutdown Snap Creator Server and Agent services


On the Linux Host:

You may stop scServer and scAgent (but not necessary).


          cd snapcreator/scServer4.0p1/engine

          tar -cvf migrate.tar ./configs/

          tar -rvf migrate.tar ./logs/

          tar -rvf migrate.tar ./snapcreator/

          gzip migrate.tar


This will create a file called migrate.tar.gz


WinSCP this file to your windows server


Back on the Windows Host:

Extract the contents of migrate.tar.gz to a local folder on your Windows Server one folder at a time. (my jzip application did not like to restore all folders at one shot)

You will now have 3 folders namely configs, logs and snapcreator.

Move these extracted contents (configs, logs and snapcreator folder) to C:\Program Files\NetApp\Snap_Creator_Framework\scServer4.0p1\engine

Start your newly migrated Snap Creator Framework services (server and agent).


Verifying your migrated setup

* Review and ensure schedules are intact

* Review and ensure the existing information can be listed by browsing thru "Data" (Volumes, Backups and Clones)

* Review and ensure you can browse the logs thru "Reports"

* Review and ensure scdump works

* Review and ensure a test backup



* Your Snap Creator Server process startup type from "Manual" to "Automatic"

* Some of your SERVER: script might not work because of the OS dependency.

     (example SERVER: df -h, which is expected to be run on the localhost, but will fail because you are on Windows now)

* Your SENDTRAP and equivalent alert mechnism that use native sendmail or mailx command need to be tweaked for Windows equivalent commands

* If your Snap Creator Agents have a specific scServer entry then you will have to update all the agents

          example - Update your agent.conf file to reflect the new IP or Hostname

          host: scServer@IP-of-your-WindowsHost

* Open logs in wordpad or notepad++ (or similar) - as notepad does not handle line breaks correctly.

* PRE/POST commands may need cmd /c - as suggested here. ( and

* If you have sleep x in any of your config files, equivalent sleep command is not available in Windows.

* Review your new etc/ file and make necessary changes for JOB MONITOR SIZE settings (if need be)



* If you have a custom Java memory settings like below, in your scServer startup script.

          Example: java -jar -Xms256m -Xmx1024m -XX:MaxPermSize=256M snapcreator.jar

     You may use the procedure here to tweak the same in Windows.

* If you have proper DNS name resolution available for all Agent and Filer names then no trouble.

  Else, Copy the needed contents of /etc/hosts from your Linux Server to the C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\hosts file


Happy Snap Creating!! Have a Great Weekend!