Three Easy Steps to Setting up SteelStore

Sometimes marketers tend towards hyperbole. So when I say something is DEAD SIMPLE, I understand when you don't want to believe it. Well, this time, I have proof! Check out these videos, where in less than three minutes, you can learn how to deploy a NetApp SteelStore appliance, a market leading cloud integrated storage solution for protecting data in the public and private cloud, in three simple steps.



  1. Connecting a Cloud.
    SteelStore works with more than 20 different public and private cloud providers including AWS, Azure, Softlayer, and Google (to name a few). Using the setup wizard, you can easily select the cloud provider of your choice in the drop down menu. Type in your credentials and then set an encryption key. Remember, SteelStore encrypts data inline, and your data remains encrypted in flight and at rest.
  2. Setup a Backup Share on the Appliance. 
    SteelStore communicates with your backup software using CIFS or NFS. On the appliance, you define a new share for your backups with a name and a path.
  3. Configure Your Backup App.
    In these videos we use Symantec NetBackup and IBM TSM, but SteelStore works with all leading backup software providers. Point your backup application at the new share you created on your SteelStore.

VOILA! Now watch your backups stream to the cloud.


Now it's your turn. Download a free 90 day trial of the virtual SteelStore appliance here. If you do try it, let me know how it goes, I'd love to hear from you!