Three Things You Didn't Know About the FAS3200 Series From NetApp


By the NetApp FAS Product Team


The recent introduction of new FAS3200 models has been extremely well received, earning the FAS3200 industry accolades from DCIG and Info-Tech. The FAS3200 is cluster ready, flash capable and offers the flexibility and expandability to adapt to a wide range of storage demands.


Even though the FAS3200 is our highest-selling platform, there are a few things about it that even you NetApp experts out there may not know. We'll illustrate these points by highlighting how some NetApp customers are using key features of the FAS3200.


Use of Flash on the New FAS3200 Series has Doubled


With the NetApp Virtual Storage Tier, you can deploy flash as an intelligent cache, providing not only a significant performance boost but dramatic efficiency improvements as well. NetApp has deployed over 44 petabytes of flash capacity to date, accelerating almost 4 exabytes of disk storage. 

StatPro, of Toronto, Canada, provides analysis, asset valuation, and management solutions to the global investment community.


The StatPro IT team recently  implemented NetApp Flash Pool technology on its FAS3200 systems to address sluggish desktop performance, latency issues, and to better accommodate heavy workloads.


Flash Pool has reduced StatPro’s average latency by several orders of magnitude while at the same time reducing storage requirements for indexes and pricing records by 10x and improving performance of its virtualized and cloud environments. See the full story.


"Flash Pool is like an adrenaline shot to our storage systems."

- Mike Marechal, Infrastructure Team Lead, StatPro


The FAS3200 Accounts for Over Half of All Clustered Data ONTAP Deployments


The FAS3200 offers great versatility and price/performance, allowing you to start small and use the power of clustered Data ONTAP to seamlessly grow your environment as business needs dictate.


PeakColo chose the FAS3200 for its storage needs and has been very outspoken about its experiences with clustered Data ONTAP. As an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud provider, Peak must not only provide leading-edge products and services, but must also continuously innovate on service delivery and pricing. Clustered Data ONTAP—coupled with VMWare vCloud infrastructure—gives the Peak team that flexibility, enabling the company to grow at 300% per year, provision storage in under two hours, and, most importantly, meet rigorous, 100% availability SLAs. Learn more.


"VMware and NetApp clustered Data ONTAP technology are at the core of our competitive advantage—and our customers’"

- Luke Norris, CEO, PeakColo. 


The FAS3200 is the Most Popular Choice for FlexPod


The FlexPod® data center platform—a pretested and validated solution from NetApp and Cisco—is a flexible, converged infrastructure solution.  It’s only natural that our most flexible storage systems are the most popular choice for FlexPod deployments.


Moffat & Nichol, an international engineering firm, needed to replace an aging tape-based backup and DR infrastructure.  The company’s objectives were to protect its business and customers from data loss, enable engineers to tap into an online data repository, and utilize virtualization for speed and flexibility.


The Moffat & Nichol IT team deployed a VMware vSphere infrastructure built on NetApp FlexPod using FAS3200 storage. As a result, the size of backups was reduced from 300GB to just 5GB, offering significant savings for remote offices while providing a more flexible, modular infrastructure able to grow with the company. Read the full story.


“What makes us stand out from the competition is how we use technology to deliver projects faster. VMware vSphere built on FlexPod is strengthening our competitive edge."

- Shawn McCullough, Moffatt & Nichol


The FAS3200 is leading the charge on:

  • Use of flash for performance and efficiency
  • Seamless scaling and NDO with clustered Data ONTAP
  • Accelerated infrastructure deployment with FlexPod


Is it time for you to evaluate NetApp’s highest selling storage platform?  If so, start here. You can also join or start a conversation on the NetApp Storage System Community page or contact NetApp Sales.