Top Reasons Why MSB Customers Can Also Take Advantage of Flash Technology

By Ling Wang, Product Marketing Manager, Storage Platforms at NetApp


A few months ago, I discussed NetApp’s Flash Pool Intelligent Caching Technology on the FAS2200 platforms in a two-part series (you can find Part 1 here and Part 2 here) with our Flash Pool Product Manager and FAS2200 Product Manager. ESG recently published a report that further validates the value of Flash Pool on the FAS2200 platforms; in this report, a FAS2240 system configured with all-SAS drives served as the baseline system without Flash Pool. Another FAS2240 with Flash Pool hybrid aggregate consisting of SATA drives and SSDs are tested with three types of workloads, OLTP, Exchange and File services. It was demonstrated that by running a flash pool composed of SATA HDDs and SSDs, the FAS2240 system not only gains higher throughput, higher IOPS and lower latency, but also offers more capacity at a lower cost, compared with a similar system of SAS drives-only, without Flash Pool.


Below are the results:

The table below makes the direct comparison between the FAS2240-2 without Flash Pool and the FAS2240-4 with Flash Pool, showing the amount of relative performance, capacity, and cost improvements:


What the Numbers Mean

  • NetApp Flash Pool was able to significantly increase both the number of supportable Exchange mailboxes and OLTP IOPS.
  • ESG Lab saw a 31% reduction in average read response times and a 27% reduction in overall response time, with a pool of fewer, larger, and slower disks.
  • The Flash Pool enabled superior performance in a system that cost 18% less and provided almost 50% more raw storage capacity versus the system with SAS drives.
  • The NetApp FAS2240 with Flash Pool provided excellent price-performance improvement with a 45% reduction in cost per GB and a 40% reduction in cost per IOPS.

Historically, MSB customers that are cost-sensitive do not consider flash technology as a feasible option for them due to the cost of the SSDs. However, as you can see in this report, NetApp’s Flash Pool technology proves to be more efficient in terms of capacity and performance, and more cost-effective compared with a similarly configured HDD-only system. This enables customers to get more out of their investments in terms of performance and life span, which means a lower TCO over the lifetime of the system. Of course, as discussed in my previous blogs (you can find Part 1 here and Part 2 here), the automatic management of Flash Pool makes it a breeze to quickly and easily deploy this technology.


Just to reiterate - this report further validates the most important reasons why a MSB customer should consider Flash Pool with FAS2200 platforms: storage efficiency, better price performance, ease of management, lower TCO, and longer life span out of the same system to keep up with the growing needs.


Check out the details of the full report here. And find out more about Flash Pool and FAS2200 here.